Jane the Virgin season 1, episode 18 threw some major wrenches into our characters lives last night. Read on for the full recap.

So much went down in “Chapter 18” so let’s dive in!

Jane and Rafael: The episode begins with Jane having doubts about Rafael’s commitment to her and the baby. He leaves her Lamaze class to handle hotel business and Jane cant’t understand why he couldn’t just turn off the phone for an hour. He later asks Jane if they can combine their dinner with the commissioner who can get his liquor license back and she agrees. While at work Jane is preoccupied and when a rude customer calls Jane out for being pregnant but not having a ring on her finger, Jane pushes back. Wrong move, since the woman ends up being the commissioner that Rafael needs to impress. (Side note: don’t your fingers bloat when you’re pregnant? So even if Jane were pregnant she might not have been wearing a ring. End note.)

Rafael is too preoccupied with finding out his mother’s email address to get really mad at Jane for losing him the dinner. But he ends up asking her to miss her family’s tradition of Easter Mass and dinner to go with the commissioner and try to get back in her good graces. He ends up telling Jane about the email and that her voice in his head told him to send one, and he did. Jane meanwhile ends up winning over the commissioner’s friends and hears that her husband is cheating on her. The two bond and it looks like the liquor license will be reinstated. When they return home, Rafael turns his cell back on and Jane is upset that this qualified as a reason to turn it off but not her Lamaze class.

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Rafael is eating at the hotel and who shows up but HIS MOTHER!! The two sit down and she tells him that his father was very proud of him and gives him a letter he wrote to her. The address on the letter suggests that she has been a mere three hours away from him this whole time. She tells him that they fell in love but when reality set in they were two completely different people. After Rafael was born, his father offered $10 million dollars to just leave and never reach out, and she took it. She has another family, and Rafael has a half-brother.

Devastated, Rafael turns to drinking again when Jane shows up. This is becoming quite the habit for him, hasn’t it? He neglects to tell her why he’s so upset and that he doesn’t need a lecture. Jane assures him that wasn’t what she was going to do but Rafael takes it a step further and tells her that maybe she was right all along. They are from different worlds and they need to focus on being the best parents they can be. Jane asks what this means and he says maybe they should take a break but Jane sees through that and says it’s a break up. Jane leaves and quietly falls to the floor, crying.

Xo and Rogelio: Xo is struggling to deal with Rogelio’s mother. She thinks it’s because she caught the two of them back in the day and inadvertently killed her cat. After multiple digs, Xo finally apologizes for the cat but Lillian tells her that’s not why she’s been angry; instead she thinks that Xo never told Rogelio about the baby. Rogelio eventually tells his mother that he did know and in a moment of weakness he suggested aborting the baby. She forgives them both but tells them that they don’t want the same things and won’t work out.

When Rogelio doesn’t stick up for Xo, she leaves and ends up running into Marco, her ex before Rogelio. He tells her what she needs to hear and she gives in and kisses him. She realizes she is self-sabotaging her relationship and goes home to tell Rogelio. Before she can however, he tells her that no one speaks to the woman he loves like that and took his mother to the airport early. Xo decides to not tell him about her kiss.

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Michael and Petra: In other important news, Michael has gone out several times with Andi now. When Jane runs into him at the hotel she finally realizes that her friend is his ex. She was going to tell him but ends up letting him be happy. Michael was at the hotel because Petra calls him with a glass of Aaron/Roman’s finger prints on it. She is supposed to have dinner with him and Michael tries to call her to let her know they were a match with Roman’s but he has figured out she knows about him and kidnaps her!!!

What did you think of ‘Jane the Virgin’ season 1, chapter 18?

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