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‘Jane the Virgin’ season 3 moments that give us hope for Jane and Rafael

Even though Jane and Rafael aren’t together in Jane the Virgin season 3, there are plenty of moments in the season that give shippers hope for their future.

Jane and Rafael are up in our Battleships tournament (you can vote for them here!) and to celebrate their love we’ve narrowed down some of their most epic romantic moments in the show. Their off-again, on-again dynamic has pulled at our heartstrings since season 1 and even though they’re not together now we had to re-live their best moments!

Here are nine Jane and Rafael moments from season 3 that prove these two are still meant to be.

‘We’re family, too’

Jane and Rafael

When touring a new preschool for Mateo, Jane and Rafael get into a fight. The preschool takes them to the “compassion corner” where they have to talk it out and make up. This scene shows an important dynamic between Jane and Rafael. They are excellent co-parents, each always fighting for what they think is best for Mateo.

It also brings up another important point about their relationship. When Rafael points out that he doesn’t want to be overshadowed in Mateo’s life by Jane’s big family, she comforts him. She tells him, “We’re a family, too.” They have created their own little family with the two of them and Mateo.

Later in the season, other family members bring Rafael into the fold as well. In one particular instance, Rogelio insists that Rafael does have a family — “the Villanueva family.”

‘You’re kinda my best friend’

jane and rafael

After the time jump in the second half of the season, Jane has written a book based on her romance with Michael. She has a reading set up, but chickens out at the last moment. Who does she turn to? Rafael.

He turns up and tells her she has to go out and read her book. In that moment, he gives her some tough love in order to support her dream of becoming a writer. He knows that become a writer means more to her than almost anything else in the world.

After the reading, the two of them have a private moment. Jane confides in Rafael about why the reading was so hard for her. Again, he supports her. She tells him, “You’re kind my best friend you know?” And he does know.

‘How we felt…I want that again’

jane and rafael

In episode 13, Rafael breaks up with his girlfriend, Abbey. After reading Jane’s book, he realized he didn’t love Abbey as deeply as he loved Jane. Reading Jane’s book “brought it all back.” He was able to remember how deep and meaningful love could be.

Okay, so he amended his statement by saying he wanted to find that feeling again with someone else (implying it would not be with Abbey or Jane). This moment still shows that Jane is able to stir up feelings in Rafael and that he looks back on their love as a high standard.

In the same episode, Jane’s Abuela reminds Jane — and us — that Jane’s love for Rafael allowed her to understand love when she found it with Michael. One experience with love deepened it in another. Perhaps this is true for Jane and Rafael as well. They can love each other more deeply now that they’ve experienced love elsewhere.

‘It’s because of you that Mommy and Daddy came together and love each other’

jane and rafael son mateo

Due to some toddler gossip at school, Mateo becomes curious about his origin. Jane and Rafael sit down together to tell him about how he was born. Traditionally, parents fall in love and then have a baby. They tell Mateo that the order in their family was different. Mateo came first and it is because of him that they love each other.

This moment again shows how strong they can work together as co-parents. Their relationship with Mateo has always been a big part of their relationship with each other. They love Mateo and they love each other.

This moment also allows them to continue to connect. It shows us how they work together as a unit, even when it is not about parenting issues. They text back and forth as they wait for Mateo to fall asleep. They are supporting each other, even outside of their relationship with their son.

‘When I think about family, you’re who I see’

jane and rafael

One night, after Xo’s bachelorette party, Jane is drunk and feeling vulnerable. In her vulnerability, she calls Rafael. She confesses that she’s worried about her status in his life if he gets back together with Petra. He tells her that she and Mateo will never be on the outside of anything.

Even though she’s using this moment to tell him to follow his feelings for another woman, it establishes how important they will always be in each other’s lives. It also shows that they will support each other, no matter what.

During the phone call, Rafael says, “When I think about family, you’re who I see.” When he thinks of family, Rafael pictures Jane first. It is revealing that he doesn’t think of his sister or his children. He thinks of Jane.

‘Yes, I’m here’

jane and rafael

During the drunk call, Jane convinces Rafael to go to the woman he loves. When he says, “Yes, I’m here” we hear a knock at Jane’s door. In that moment, Jane’s face reveals her surprise and relief. Rafael has come to her.

It turns out Rafael did go to Petra, and its only Jane’s parents at her door. But this moment of hope still provides a glimpse of what could be.

Even though Rafael didn’t show up to Jane’s door, Jane is obviously thinks it is him, if only for a second. We are also meant to think that Rafael showed up at Jane’s door. More than any other moment in season 3, this moment keeps the possibility of Jane and Rafael open for us, and for Jane.

‘The wedding will be beautiful’

jane and rafael

My favorite moment between Jane and Rafael in season 3 is small. Jane meets Rafael to pick up a toy of Mateo’s. While there, she gets news that there will be gale force winds during her parent’s wedding ceremony. In typical Jane fashion, she starts spiraling in a panic.

Rafael immediately knows how to comfort her. His instinct to comfort her, and his knowledge to do so, shows just how well they know each other. She falls into his arms and he reminds her that the wedding will be beautiful, “even in gale force winds.” He pulls her close and holds her there until she has calmed down.

When Petra walks in on Jane and Rafael embracing, they are both embarrassed and immediately pull away. This reaction shows that the embrace meant more to them than a little comfort. It was something intimate.

‘When it seemed like they should give up, they chose each other’

jane and rafael

Jane’s parents asked her to perform the ceremony at their wedding. She tells the wedding guests that her parent’s love is about choice, not about fate. The camera pans to Rafael’s face when Jane talks about how couples choose each other.

As she announces, “When it seemed like they should give up, they chose each other,” Rafael smiles bright and big. Jane is talking about her parents in this moment, but it also feels like she is talking about her and Rafael.

The end of season 3 feels like a crossroads for these two. The wedding between Rogelio and Xiomara is a moment when Jane and Rafael could (and with Adam and Petra, maybe should) give up. We don’t know if they will choose each other in a romantic way, but they do keep choosing each other.

‘Well, that’s crazy’

jane and rafael

Jane and Rafael have a “family dance” with Mateo at the wedding after Rafael breaks up with Petra. With the attention span of a toddler, Mateo soon loses interest and runs away to dance with Rogelio and Xiomara. When Jane turns away to go after him, Rafael pulls her back.

He tells her that Petra thought Jane still had feelings for him and that, if he knew that, he would choose Jane. Jane says “Well, that’s crazy.” Her tone and body language is rather unconvincing.

I’m even less convinced when she lays her head on his chest and slow dances with him. This moment is clearly made for Jane and Rafael shippers. There is obviously still a spark between them. What’s more romantic than a slow dance at a wedding?

After the dance, Jane admits to her mom that she was a little “hot and bothered.” The season ends with more new love interests and more drama to come, but the clear message is that we’re not done with these two character’s love for each other yet.

Did I miss any of your favorite Jane and Rafael moments from Jane the Virgin season 3? Share them in the comments below! And don’t forget to vote for them in our Battleships tournament!

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