Jane Lynch, who plays Sue Sylvester on Fox’s Glee, recently spoke about her part playing a nun in the upcoming TV-to-movie adaptation of The Three Stooges!

Jane Lynch plays Mother Superior, the head nun at the orphanage where the three stooges were born.

Speaking with Collider.com, Jane talks about her experience playing a nun:

How did you come to be a part of this film? Was it something that you were just approached about doing?

LYNCH: Yeah, I got a call. I’ve been a big fan of the Farrelly brothers (Pete and Bobby), so it’s not like I thought twice about it. I got a call, asking if I wanted to play Mother Superior and to read the script. I think I gave it a cursory glance and was like, “Well, of course, I want to be in it!” And, I went out to Atlanta to shoot it.

Do you have any particularly memorable moments, working with Larry David as Sister Mary-Mengele?

LYNCH: Yeah, he was amazing! There was one point where he was yelling at Larry and Curly in the hospital room. They were doing his coverage of it, so we had to be off camera, and we just couldn’t stop laughing. Larry just told us to leave the room. He said, “I’ll do it without you!”

Do you have a dream role that you haven’t had the chance to do yet?

LYNCH: No, I don’t. I really don’t. I think Sue Sylvester was about the biggest dream role in the world. I have such great faith that what I’m supposed to play next will show up.

To read the full interview with Jane Lynch, including her comments on working with American Idol alum and Oscar- and Grammy-winning superstar Jennifer Hudson, click here!

The Three Stooges hits theaters this Friday, April 13!

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