The 2017 Oscars’ Best Picture mix-up will spawn many jokes and parodies, but James Corden already has the best one!

We can all agree that the Best Picture mix-up at the 2017 Oscars that falsely declared La La Land the winner before Moonlight rightfully claimed its prize was horrible for everyone involved.

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First and foremost, we strongly advocate for everyone to give the true winner Moonlight the attention it deserves. But of course there’s no denying that this monumental moment will be the focus of jokes, parodies and scorn for years to come.

Kicking off the parody segments is James Corden, whose impersonation of Emma Stone in La La Land and musical rendition of what happened is just straight-up hilarious:

Meanwhile Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel has also addressed what happened, also choosing the humorous approach in recounting the surreal moment:

And this is only the beginning. It’s safe to say that the Oscars will never live this down.

Now go watch ‘Moonlight’!

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