1:00 pm EDT, May 5, 2016

J. Sterling discusses ‘Dear Heart, I Hate You’

Dear Heart, I Hate You is the latest novel from J. Sterling and she talked with Hypable about writing emotionally raw stories.

Dear Heart, I Hate You is a story about love when you least expect it. Jules lives on the West coast and is an up and coming real estate agent in Malibu. She is ambitious and committed to having a successful career. On a business trip to Boston Jules meets Cal who is equally devoted to his job. Neither wants a relationship but they can’t ignore what is in front of them.

J. Sterling weaves a tale of unexpected love and long distance relationships that is both enjoyable to read and truthfully painful when examining the truth about love and ambition.

Tell us five random facts about yourself.
I’m a single mom.
I write about love, but sometimes I hate it. Love that is — not my books. Lol
I’m super low maintenance, but I love nice cars and electronics. I think I’m part guy.
I got fired from my last job. FIRED.
I have an (un)healthy obsession with Drake. The rapper. The singer. I want to date him. lol

Describe your novel in five words.

Dear Heart, I Hate You deals with the idea of love at first sight and long distance relationships. Why did you choose those topics to write about?
Because I experienced them. I went through them at a time when I didn’t think my heart was open to that. I very much write what I know, the things I’ve lived through — and this book was no exception.


Which character’s POV was harder to write from Cal or Jules?
Oooh, harder? I’m going to say Jules because I was literally living through the experience with her. It was emotionally harder to write her points of view then it was to write Cal’s. Jules’ pain hurt me.

What was the most difficult scene to write?
I want to answer this, but I’m afraid my answer is totally a spoiler. LOL So, I’ll just say that there is a period of time that takes place in the book — those chapters were the most difficult… doing them justice.

What is the writing process like for you?
I tend to write so honestly, exploring topics and things that I’ve been through that you’d think it would be cathartic. Sometimes it is, but mostly it’s painful. I find myself projecting so much of what I wished had happened — giving my characters endings that I didn’t get in real life. Is that sad? That sounds sad. I swear I’m not sad. LOL

What are you working on now?
The last book in my Celebrity Series called Losing Stars. It’s my favorite one of the three so far!

Fill in the blank
If I weren’t a writer I would be……. A radio personality!
If I could have one supernatural power it would be……. Time travel.. is that a power?! Let’s pretend it is haha
My Hollywood crush is…… omg, DRAKE! Drake. Draaaaake!
My book boyfriend would be…… Jack F’n Carter.

‘Dear Heart, I Hate You’ is available May 9

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