Tuesday night (October 16), J.K. Rowling spoke to nearly 2,000 fans at New York City’s Lincoln Center. You can check out our full recap of the night here, but read on for some of Rowling’s best quotes from the Casual Vacancy event. Of course she was inspiring as always, but many of the Hypable staff members in attendance at the event were surprised by just how hilarious the Harry Potter author is.

“I’ve lived at Hogwarts for 17 years. And I feel like I still walk in and out of Hogwarts every now and then.”

Although Casual Vacancy is a book for “grown-ups,” it’s not an “adult book” in the way that Fifty Shades of Grey is, Rowling says. “The difference is, people have sex in this book, but no one really enjoys it.”

“This is going to sound like a product placement, but I’ll say it anyway — the MacBook Air changed my life.”

On Casual Vacancy: “I started writing quite freely… Because I wanted to get to know them, the characters.”

“The right 14 or 15-year-old” could read Casual Vacancy, Rowling says. But should a 7-year-old? “Well, that would be inappropriate.”

On whether or not she’s good at being edited: “Well, I’ve never hit anyone so I think I am.”

Rowling says that two years ago, she packed up her study and organized all of her Potter notes. “I wanted to know where I could find stuff if I ever wanted to go weep over it.”

Trying to circumvent Casual Vacancy spoilers: “I spend my whole life trying not to spoil my own books for people.”

“(Motions to her husband) Oh, he knows I’ve got a thing for Mr. Darcy. Who hasn’t got a thing for Mr. Darcy?”

On Fifty Shades of Grey:
Ann Patchett – “Everyone tells me the writing is terrible.”
Rowling – “But that’s porn. Have you ever read ‘The Story of O’?”
Patchett – “I went to Catholic school.”
Rowling – “You’d like it even more!”

And a bonus J.K. Rowling quote, just because we can:

“I think it’s the books that you read when you’re young that live with you forever.”

Did you attend J.K. Rowling’s New York Casual Vacancy event? What was your favorite quote? If you missed out, which of the above is your favorite?

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