3:00 pm EST, March 17, 2015

‘iZombie’ series premiere airs tonight on The CW

Will The CW's latest supernatural-superhero show be a big success?

By Mitchel Clow | Edited by Donya Abramo

We waited. We sleuthed, we ate marshmallows, we played with Dick again, and now, it’s time for hot sauce and brains.

Rob Thomas of Veronica Mars fame is putting his all in the DC comics adaptation of iZombie airing tonight on The CW at 9 P.M. EST.

Why we’re excited for the ‘iZombie’ pilot

Other than Rob Thomas running the project, we couldn’t be any more excited to see Rose McIver play the titular zombie, Liv. Known for her roles on The Power Rangers and Once Upon a Time, McIver has proved her quick wit and spunky attitude will be a perfect fit as a crime-fighting, brain-eating medical student turned zombie.

The concept of the show is a very different one, in that Liv eats bits of the brains of the deceased not only to nourish her zombie cravings, but also to go back and see how and why corpses met their end.

Liv is a pretty zombie. A sexy zombie, even. However, that doesn’t mean she can’t get down and dirty with the best of those in zombie lore.

First, when Liv doesn’t eat brains for a while, she turns much more dull, dumb, and brain thirsty. However, if she keeps a good flow of brain juices going, she’s able to hide amongst the human population without much speculation as to her “goth” attire.

Second, Liv has superpowers. Not only does she temporarily absorb the special gifts of the person she’s eaten the brain of, but she can also go into a true zombie mode. She can be shot, punched, thrown, et. all, and will still stand as beastly and furious as ever when in this mode.

Not sold yet? Watch this killer trailer for the show, featuring Liv’s odd brain mixes, her fighting off an assailant in zombie mode, and her undead awakening.

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