Elysia Rotaru plays a call girl in The CW’s upcoming iZombie pilot. Rotaru spoke with Hypable about meeting Rob Thomas, the media’s gore obsession, and her next big career moves.

Rotaru’s character was revealed on the iZombie writer’s Twitter account in a very telling bit of script from the pilot.

The guest star Rotaru will play Tess, a call girl that Detective Clive has Liv on the hunt for. This excerpt from the script can be seen in the second trailer in this story around the :08 mark. From what we can see, it seems like Liv is searching for Tess in a hotel hallway.

In speaking with Hypable, Rotaru spoke of the fun she had working with Rob Thomas, the intense script he produces, and the awesome press the DC Comics adapted television show is already receiving.

On the pilot

“I think that the hype about the project from the comic is getting such good press and publicity all over the world. It’s gonna be a big reveal, that’s for sure. It’s gonna be a great show.”

On the concept of a gaining a dead person’s memories by eating their brain

“I’m sort of like an awesome horror sicko. Like, it’s my favorite genre. So, pun intended, I’ll eat anything up that comes my way about that stuff. I’m just like, ‘yeah, let’s go there!’ Everyone is just tuned into that stuff. It’s almost like this weird desensitized norm of what we’re watching.

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I’m always a big fan of [horror], because I have been since I was a kid too. I feel like when I younger it was a little bit more underground, like, ‘hey, let’s go to your house and read those comics’ kind of thing. And now it’s like, 11-year-olds watching The Walking Dead for family night.

It does take you away from the normality of every day. Like, I don’t see anyone’s brains getting eaten on the side of the sidewalk, y’know?”

izombie liv

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