3:29 pm EDT, March 27, 2019

‘The 100’ season 6 poster pits Clarke versus Clarke

The 100 season 6 poster teases a brand new aesthetic for the CW sci-fi drama.

After a 125-year long wait (or close to it), we’ve finally got the official The 100 season 6 poster.

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This is the most ambitious poster by a long shot, with the graphics team foregoing the past few seasons’ cast line-up format in favor of a trippy, Woodstock-y, setup, a mirrored Clarke looking down towards a kaleidoscope mesa:

Everything from the artsy aesthetic to the colors (there are colors!!) screams ‘new’ and ‘different,’ which is incidentally what the cast and crew have been promising that The 100 season 6 will be for months now.

Until now, all we had to go on was their word, since there had been a total blackout on information! So it’s nice to begin to see evidence that they were right.

There is a lot of stuff happening on this Rorschach test of a poster, but of course very little we can glean from it, with absolutely zero context.

While there are two Clarkes, there appears to only be one sun. Maybe one is eclipsing the other? That might explain why it’s red, and could be a clue that something happens when the sun/light turns red.

There is something happening within the sun as well; it kind of looks like an eye, it kind of looks like a nuclear apocalypse and it kind of looks like, well, ovaries. (A nod to Vinson’s back tattoo? Hey, that mystery is still unsolved!)

Clarke herself is bathed in shadow, and the words “Face your demons” further lend a sense of menace to the character’s journey.

I have previously speculated liberally about what Clarke might face in season 6 that would prompt Eliza Taylor to call this her biggest acting challenge to date — perhaps what she is facing is literally herself.

Knowing that The 100 season 6 is at least partially inspired by Annihilation, a prevalent theory seems to be that the characters will be experiencing some form of hallucinations or dreams that will allow the audience to really explore their inner worlds; something fans have been craving for a long time now.

As for our first look at the new planet, it’s hard to tell what exactly Clarke is looking at. It looks like a church with a cross on top, but since the entire poster is mirrored, who knows? It also kind of looks like a Minecraft rabbit, some kind of augmented reality or Alice in Wonderland reference… or both?

But we’ll know much more about The 100 season 6 very soon, seeing as the trailer is debuting within the week and the first episode screens in its entirety at WonderCon this weekend. (Beware of spoilers after March 31, as they will be rampant on social media!)

So let’s hold off on diving too far down these rabbit holes of speculation and just let ourselves enjoy the pretty pastels of this brave new world. Where does one get a giant version of this masterpiece for their wall?? Asking for… well, myself.

What do you think about the official The 100 season 6 poster?

‘The 100’ season 6 debuts April 30 on The CW

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