10:00 am EST, December 14, 2017

Name your favorite ‘IT’ character and we’ll tell you your biggest fears

By default we all love Richie the best. Who isn't afraid of clowns?

By Katie Awad | Edited by Brandi Delhagen

Whether your favorite character from the IT movie was a kid from the Loser’s Club or Pennywise, we know your deepest and dumbest fears.

Your favorite fictional characters say a lot about you, given that they’re probably the characters you most associate with. Do you love Eddie because you know that having two fanny packs is a necessity, not a choice? Maybe you sympathize with Ben because you also listen to music you don’t want anyone to know about?

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No matter who your favorite character from the IT movie is, we’ll reveal the fears you didn’t even know you had. Yes, even if your favorite character is Henry, you mullet-wearing asshole.


  • creasing the spine of a book
  • your favorite band cancelling your town’s tour stop
  • getting “forever alone” on a Buzzfeed quiz
  • Beverly

  • Thanksgiving dinner when you and your relatives discuss politics
  • someone in the neighboring stall hearing the crunchy noise a tampon wrapper makes when you open it
  • living with a roommate who lets hair collect in the shower drain
  • Bill

  • class presentations when the teacher uses a stopwatch to make sure you don’t go over 5 minutes
  • forgetting to say “Happy Birthday” to an acquaintance so you give them a gift two days later and hope they buy your lie that ‘shipping was slow’
  • something about not letting things go???
  • Eddie

  • vacations without an itinerary
  • being out past curfew
  • wearing shoes that aren’t weather appropriate
  • gazebos
  • Georgie

  • not knowing a colleague’s name but it’s too late to ask without it being awkward
  • getting on a boat without knowing where the life jackets are stowed
  • studying all week for a test but the test questions aren’t what you studied
  • Henry

  • your parent/guardian finding out you got a scratch on the car after finally being allowed to drive it
  • friendship that isn’t built on fear
  • your hairdresser cutting off 1.5 inches instead of 1
  • Mike

  • finding out your faux fur scarf is actually real fur
  • drinking your tea too soon and burning your tongue
  • accidentally forgetting to add a tip when paying by card and frantically trying to come up with change to leave on the table
  • Pennywise

  • waking up late and only having time to grab toast to eat on the way
  • wearing non waterproof make up when it’s raining and you don’t have an umbrella
  • real estate agents
  • Richie

  • awkward silences in car rides, elevators, and the checkout at the grocery store
  • the end of Snapchat
  • not understanding the latest meme
  • clowns
  • Stan

  • getting a parking or speeding ticket
  • leaving your bike on the grass instead of in the garage
  • going to a party alone and there’s no dog to keep you company

Who’s your favorite ‘IT’ character?

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