With an It sequel officially in the works, everyone’s fantasy-casting adult versions of the characters — including director Andy Muschietti.

The plan was always for Stephen King’s 1,000-page novel It to be separated into two chapters, with the first following a group of children and the second catching up with them as adults.

Indeed, with It out in theatres, we know that the secret subtitle was “Chapter One,” and that the sequel is already in the works.

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One of many reasons we’re excited for the second half of the story is because the kids will be all grown up and, considering It‘s successful opening weekend, we can probably expect some big-name actors to fill the talented kid actors’ shoes.

Andy Muschietti has himself indulged in some fantasy casting: When asked by Variety if he didn’t think Bev actress Sophia Lillis looks like a young Jessica Chastain, he said, “I don’t know, does she? Jessi is an amazing actress and very good friend and I would love her to play Beverly.”

Muschietti worked with Jessica Chastain on Mama, which was previously his most acclaimed movie.

In the same interview, Muschietti also talks about why he’s looking forward to doing the sequel, saying:

“The thing I want to bring in the next film that I couldn’t do here is the dialogue between the two timelines. That was so important in the book and we didn’t get to explore that here, but I wanted to keep the story of the kids as pure and without interference as I could. The dialogue between those two timelines with all those flashbacks is so important to the book that I want to bring that back.”

What do you think? Would Jessica Chastain be a good fit for It?

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