The first Iron Man 3 teaser trailer will reportedly be available in the next few weeks – we even have a specific date.

The first Iron Man 3 teaser trailer will be available on October 23, at 12:01 AM ET according to E! Online. This information comes just a day after Robert Downey Jr. was seen on set for the first time in over a month since his injury that occurred on set of Iron man 3 in North Carolina.

Iron Man 3Downey looked as cheerful as ever to be back on the set of Iron Man 3, which has a release date of May 3, 2013. You may have seen Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man recently if you picked up The Avengers DVD/Blu-ray last Tuesday (Check out our review). The Avengers blooper reel included on the disc also featured multiple outtakes from Downey as he continues to impress us with his incredible presence on screen and his magnetic attitude on set.

We also got our first good look yesterday at the Iron Patriot suit, which is rumored to be a newly painted War Machine suit that Rhodey wears to reportedly protect the U.S. President in Iron Man 3.

As for the Iron Man 3 teaser trailer, there were rumors a few weeks back which suggested a very somber trailer was in store for fans of Tony Stark. A written description of the trailer was reportedly leaked and apparently it opens with a voice over from Tony Stark talking about how the events of New York (Avengers) changed him, and how he is just not into being Iron Man any longer. The first scene is said to be Iron Man with damage to his armor, lying down in the middle of rubble, taking off his face plate to reveal that he’s fairly injured.

Flashes are seen of him arguing with Pepper Potts in the armory that we saw back in July and we also get a glimpse of the Iron Patriot suit mentioned earlier. Tony is seen doing press conferences, looking very solemn, and talking with someone who looks somewhat like a psychiatrist. There’s then a short shot of Don Cheadle in military uniform. There have also been rumors of Ben Kingsley, who will be playing one of the film’s villains The Mandarin, blowing up Tony Stark’s cliff side mansion.

Excited to see the first ‘Iron Man 3’ teaser trailer?

Feel free to check out the full rumored Iron Man 3 teaser trailer description. The first poster for the film is reportedly coming out on October 22, the day prior to the first trailer.

We’re glad to see Robert Downey Jr. back on set after recovering from his ankle injury and we look forward to seeing the first Iron Man 3 teaser trailer on October 23.

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