The Iron Man 3 official trailer teaser has been released, check it out!

Upate: Watch the official Iron Man 3 trailer.

Talk about a teaser. At just 17 seconds, the first Iron Man 3 trailer teaser only shows us a quick shot of Pepper Potts in pain, Tony Stark dodging some photographers, and Iron Man showing off his new suit.

Earlier last week Marvel started an official Facebook promotion to get fans involved in unlocking a preview to the trailer. The more “Likes” the official Iron Man Facebook page got, the quicker we would get a sneak preview of the Iron Man 3 trailer. It appears we got our preview a little early, so check it out below!

Plot clue: If you pause the teaser at five seconds in, you’ll notice that one of Stark’s suits is missing its helmet and the glass case it was in is shattered. Could this be a clue that The Mandarin steals one of his helmets and reprograms Stark’s computer-brain/friend Jarvis into working against him? You’ll also notice one of Tony’s helper-machines has a dunce hat on it as well, definitely odd.

Friday we got our first look at the official Iron Man 3 plot synopsis, which told us quite a few things about the new film that hadn’t been known. From Tony Stark’s personal world being destroyed (rumor: his house gets blown up), to embarking on a “harrowing” quest to protect those closest to him (Pepper). He ends up having to ask the question: “Does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?”

Iron Man 3’s full trailer should be released on October 23, and we imagine we’ll be seeing much more footage from the new film.

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