7:45 pm EDT, September 20, 2013

Six frustrating iOS 7 features and how you can fix them

Apple’s iOS 7 update has nice changes, but if you’re running into some issues, these quick-fix tips will help you have a better experience.

iOS 7 is nauseating or makes you dizzy

Apple decided to make the system feel like it has more depth, so iOS 7 makes your home screen and lock screen background move slightly when you tilt your phone.

This effect can cause you to feel dizzy. How can you fix it? Go to General -> Accessibility -> Reduce Motion, and turn the setting on. The backgrounds will no longer twist.


iOS 7’s text is too thin

iOS has a new font which can be hard to read, especially when you’re outside in bright light. To make iOS 7’s font larger, there are three routes you can take.

1) General -> Accessibility -> Bold Text. You will have to restart your phone for it to take effect. All text will be thicker, and thus easier to read. Below is what text looks like before and after it’s activated:

ios-7-not-bold  ios-7-bold

Is that not enough for you? Try these:

2) General -> Accessibility -> Increase Contrast. This will make text less see-through and, again, easier to read.

3) General -> Accessibility -> Larger Type. This will let you make the font bigger, meaning it will take up more room on the screen. You should try routes 1 and 2 first, then resort to route 2 if necessary.

iOS 7’s Control Center is too easy to activate

If you find yourself accidentally pulling open the Control Center drawer from the bottom of the screen too often, you can go to General -> Control Center and turn “Access Within Apps” off. If off, you will only be able to access Control Center from the home screen. On this same page there is an option to not allow it to be activated on the lock screen.


I don’t want Notification Center accessible from the lock screen

For extra privacy, you may not want your notifications to be viewable from the lock screen (meaning viewable without a passcode). To turn off Notification Center on the lock screen, go to its section in Settings and turn off “Notifications View” under “Access on lock screen.” For further privacy, you can turn off the Today View on the lock screen.


My battery is draining quicker than it did on iOS 6

There are a lot of changes under the hood of iOS 7, but one of the more prominent changes is the addition of the “Background App Refresh” feature. This setting allows apps to update themselves while you do not have them open, meaning they are running more frequently whether or not you’re using them.

Apple claims that this feature is intelligent and will learn your usage methods to optimize how often each app is running in the background, but it’s still eating up extra power you may not want it to use.

We do not recommend turning off the feature entirely because, for example, it is used by maps applications to continue tracking your location while you’re driving. In other words, if you turn it off entirely and you are using turn-by-turn directions, your maps app must be open the entire time for it to continue directing you.

In short, you should go to General -> Background App Refresh and disable the ability for as many apps as you can that you don’t need running all the time. Apps we recommend disabling in here include all games, all food apps, all weather apps, and Foursquare. You will continue to receive notifications from these apps like you did in iOS 6.


I miss the old iOS sounds

Yearning for the old ringer? The old text message alert? That classic mail chime? Go to “Sounds,” select the alert you want to change, and scroll down to the “Classic” folder. In there you can find all the old songs and sounds you may miss.

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