We love television, and we love podcasting, and now we’ve combined the two! Come rewatch classic TV series with us — or experience them for the first time.

The Hypable staff members are all about the latest news and developments within the entertainment industry, but we weren’t Born This Way — classic TV series helped shape our love of good storytelling, and now we want to share our love for some of these shows with you.

ReWatchable is a brand new podcast from the Hypable podcasting team, which will go back and watch the BEST cult shows, episode by episode, allowing fans to re-experience such classics as Firefly, Pushing Daisies, Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Veronica Mars, and many more! And you get to help us decide which one to do second (…cause we’ve already picked our first).

“But what if I haven’t watched the show you’re rewatching yet?”

Don’t worry, we got you covered! ReWatchable will feature a mix of fans and first-timers, which means this is a spoiler-free podcast! So this is your perfect excuse for finally getting around to watching that show all your friends are talking about, complete with insight from people who love the series, balanced with a healthy dose of skepticism from those who haven’t.

“Okay, that DOES sound pretty cool, but who are the hosts?”

ReWatchable is a special podcast because technically, it is composed of ALL the Hypable staff members. You can expect slightly varied teams for each show we cover, although some constants will be sure to cross over. (Podcasting, they just don’t know how to quit you!)

For our first show, the hosting team comprises of seven people, who will rotate out (no more than five hosts will ever be on any given show). You’ll be watching along with Tariq Herzallah, Selina Wilken, Jimmy Bean, Laura Byrne-Cristiano, Karen Rought, Kristen Kranz and Caitlin Kelly – some of who are hardcore fans, and some who have never seen the show before.

“Yay! Those people are all awesome, I’m on board! So what are we watching first?”

The first round of ReWatchables will be for a little show we (and erm, everyone else) like to call Firefly! The team unanimously agreed to start with the classic Joss Whedon show, which is not only hailed as one of the best sci-fi dramas of all time but has also just celebrated its 10-year anniversary – it’s perfect timing! We will be releasing one episode every second week, starting with an intro episode this week that features all of us, and have a mix of discussion episodes and commentaries. We’ll conclude this round by watching the Serenity movie.

“So Hypable, is there anything really important you need to remind us about before you conclude this post?”

Why thank you for asking, hypothetical and enthusiastic Hypable reader, yes there is! As we’ve said before, this podcast is SPOILER-FREE. That doesn’t just extend to the hosts, but to the listeners as well! A part of the fun of this show will be getting to hear the Firefly newbies experience everything for the first time, and that part will be a lot less fun if some overzealous fan lets the word out that they all die it was all a dream Nathan Fillion is a robot unidentified important events take place between now and when the final credits roll.

So whatever you’re super excited about happening in episode three/seven/whatever, just, shh! We’ll get there, and then you can tell us all about how happy/sad/erinaceous you are about it.

…Hypable reader? Are you still there?

“Yes, but I have no more questions, I’m just so gosh-darn excited to get started!”

Good, because so are we! You can listen to the first episode of the podcast now, and subscribe via iTunes, and tell us what you think – we don’t talk about any episodes, so you’ve still got time to dust off your DVD box sets or queue up your Nexflix. The rewatch episode for Firefly 1×01 “Serenity, Part 1” will be released in about a week, and following that the podcast episodes will be released on a bi-weekly schedule.

This show isn’t going to work without YOUR input, but lucky for us, several different ways for you to leave your feedback have magically appeared. You can email us at [email protected], tweet us @Re_Watchable, and comment on any of the episode posts! Share your thoughts on each episode of Firefly as we watch it – and don’t worry, we won’t let the newbies see your posts before we’ve made sure they’ve seen the episode you’re talking about. We’ll use some of your comments on the show, so make sure you listen to see if we picked yours.

All good? If you’ve got any more questions, ask us in the comments. And enjoy!

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