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Sci-fi movies on Netflix: Enjoy these quirky and interesting picks

You made it through another long week of work, school, or whatever adulting obligations occupy your time. Now, you can kick back and watch TV. But, there’s still a little time before fall TV makes its official debut. This is where streaming services like Netflix come in handy to occupy your chill days.

When it comes to checking out movies, there is nothing like an interesting sci-fi saga. They take you out of our current reality and usually involve awesome tech, a twisty plot, and a few epic battles.

Of course, it can be overwhelming to sift through tons of Netflix options. So, here’s a short, handy list of quirky and interesting science fiction movies that are on Netflix right now:

‘The Beyond’

The Beyond is a 2017 indie sci-fi film with an interesting premise that takes place in the VERY near future. It’s 2019 and there is something above Earth that is wreaking havoc on communication systems.

And, there’s an issue on the International Space Station after an astronaut goes missing. As expected, there are no major names in this film but the concept of exploring a worm hole is always thrilling.

I’ve seen this one before and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.


I have reviewed this movie before and if you haven’t seen it then its worth the watch. There is an interesting plot twist that takes a while to build up to but you might figure it out if you have a keen eye for detail.

The premise of an alien invasion is turned on its head in a fantastic way and there’s plenty of action, explosions, and intense moments to keep you engaged in the story.

‘Beyond Skyline’

Ahhhh, there’s no drama like post-apocalypse drama. This Skyline sequel is actually an improvement to the original film and follows a police detective’s fight to keep his group of survivors alive after several spaceships suck up most of Los Angeles.

The pacing is great and it doesn’t take long to become invested in these characters. The effects and action actually work well on the small screen, so it’s perfect for the Netflix audience.

‘The Titan’

This movie has a few familiar faces, including Orange Is The New Black star Taylor Schilling (Dr. Abigail Janssen) and takes place in 2048. Earth is predictably overpopulated and filled with violence so scientists are trying to turn Saturn’s moon Titan into a new home for humans to eventually destroy.

They send Abigail’s husband Rick Janssen, a war pilot and extreme survivalist to test it out but things star to go horrifically wrong. It has a terrible Rotten Tomatoes score but I think it’s worth giving it a try and forming your own opinion.


Moon is older than the above options, but it’s an underrated sci-fi classic in my humble opinion. This film is all about Sam Rockwell, who plays an astronaut working solo on the moon until he finds out this awful truth that makes him question reality.

It’s hard to not give away this plot, but the twists and turns will blow you away. It’s an intelligent thriller with some great (and still timely) social commentary.

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