11:55 am EST, February 20, 2015

First ‘Insurgent’ clips released: Four convinces Tris she’s worth it, Peter studies Amity

Drumming up anticipation for tickets going on sale next week, Summit/Lionsgate have released two clips from The Divergent Series: Insurgent which star Tris, Four, and Peter.

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The first Insurgent clip – our first look at the film without big sound effects – finds Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) discussing whether or not more people should die for the sake of the Chosen One’s quest. “I’m just one person, I’m not worth it,” Tris tells her man. “You are worth it,” he whispers, “you are worth it to me. You have to promise me you aren’t going to leave.”

The clip ends seconds before they could possibly kiss. Ugh!

In the second and much lighter clip (via Collider) we’re introduced to Amity, where Peter is taken by the kindness of everyone (“Virtual pathological friendliness with unquestioned pacifism? I love this place.”). Things get tense when Four gets annoyed at Peter teasing Tris about her new haircut, but Miles Teller’s character suggests that they stick together in their new home. (Important side note: Tris’ brother Caleb played by Ansel Elgort appears in this clip but doesn’t have a line.)

Amity’s leader Johanna – played by Octavia Spencer – sadly doesn’t make an appearance in this Amity scene, but we’re sure she shows up a few minutes before or after. We can’t wait to see what the Oscar-winning actress brings to the series.

Tickets for Insurgent go on sale this Wednesday, February 25. The film hits theaters less than one month later on March 20.

Any thoughts on the new ‘Insurgent’ clips?

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