Facebook-owned Instagram will soon act like the Facebook News Feed.

In a blog post on Tuesday, Instagram announced they will “soon” be dropping the reverse chronological order currently used in your feed and will instead display the photos in an order decided on by an algorithm.

They’re also hinting that they may not display every single photo, just like how Facebook doesn’t guarantee you’ll see every single post.

“The order of photos and videos in your feed will be based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post,” writes Instagram. “As we begin, we’re focusing on optimizing the order — all the posts will still be there, just in a different order.”

Anyone who isn’t in love with this idea need not fret! “We’re going to take time to get this right and listen to your feedback along the way,” Instagram claims.

Still, this is worrisome. One aspect many people enjoy is seeing all the posts that are posted by their friends, brands, and meme accounts they like.

While Instagram says that they’re helping you see the photos you care about, the truth of the matter is that this will help them gets ads and sponsored photos in your feed.

Twitter recently announced that they too would be offering an algorithmic format for your feed, but unlike Twitter’s, Instagram’s algorithm appears to be a requirement.

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