In a lengthy new interview with Disney’s CEO Bob Iger, the studio chief hints that they are planning a series of new Indiana Jones movies.

Earlier this year Disney announced that Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg would be teaming up for Indiana Jones 5. The news made many people wonder if this film would kick off a new series, or if it would be Ford and Spielberg’s Indy swan song.

Today when asked if an Indy universe could be in the cards, Iger told The Hollywood Reporter, “Not like ‘Star Wars,’ no. But we hope… right now, we’re focused on a reboot, or a continuum and then a reboot of some sort.”

Plans for this “reboot” — or whatever it is — appear to be very undecided at the moment. He added, “we’ll bring him back, then we have to figure out what comes next… It’s not really a reboot, it’s a boot — a reboot. I don’t know. We got Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in the film. But then what’s the direction? I’ve had discussions about what the direction is, but I don’t want to get into it… it won’t be just a one-off.”

Though it sounds certain that Indiana Jones 5 won’t be the last, the “reboot” remarks make it sound like any future installments may star another lead. Prior to Disney’s Harrison Ford announcement, many expected that any future Indy film would’ve starred a new actor. In fact, for a little while the rumor mill was hot with chatter that Chris Pratt could take over the role.

If Harrison Ford is leaving after Movie 5, a reboot sounds like a better idea than a continuation of the same story. It’d be weird to see the Indiana Jones character pass the torch to a new Indy, seeing as the success of the series largely rides on the “Indiana Jones” name. Indiana Jones 6 can’t star someone who isn’t Indiana Jones.

Whatever happens to Indy, we know that Harrison Ford’s version won’t die in Indiana Jones 5. Spielberg promised us this last week.

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