When Glee first launched on Fox a couple years ago, I was as big of a skeptic as the rest of ’em. I thought everyone got a little too excited over their cover of Don’t Stop Believing. I thought people were way too entertained by Sue Sylvester, who is now possibly one of the most unoriginal, overdone characters in the history of television.

Having skipped the first two seasons of the show, and publicly denounced the program on several podcasts, I’ve now had a change in opinion.

I decided to start watching Glee from season 3, in part because it’s a very popular fandom here on Hypable and I wanted to be up on it. I didn’t go back to the first two seasons, and I didn’t read summaries. I basically had no clue what was happening in the show other than that Darren Criss was the heartthrob.

Probably for the best. The show has received mixed reviews from critics and fans (particularly about season 2), and I knew if I were to make myself get into the show I would have to jump in quickly.

Having now enjoyed nine episodes, I can safely say that the show is enjoyable from a lowest common denominator perspective. The plot sucks – and mostly everyone agrees about that. But it’s the music and the relatable cast members that keep me and many others interested.

For me to say that what I enjoy most is the music will sound ludicrous to some of you. When I did complain about Glee on podcasts, I mainly focused on how the songs were an “abomination” of the original versions. Moreover, Gleeks were worshipping the covers as if they were the originals. That bothered me, and it still does.

But this season has had songs that I’ve greatly enjoyed. The You and I/You and I mash up, We Are Young, and Rumour Has It/Someone Like You are songs I listen to often. Each episode brings at least one song that can make a chill or two go down your spine.

With that said, the writers really do need to work on shoring up the plotline. It’s quite the mess, and many people probably expected it to be solved following the hiring of several new writers before the start of season 3. The new people brought on board did not help. Come season 4, when Fox and Ryan Murphy once again have to explain the drop in ratings, I’m sure we’ll once again see promises of a “back to basics” Glee like we saw with the current season.

So yes, you could say that at some level I am now a Gleek.

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