If You Were Here by Jennie Yabroff asks the question, “How do you know when you’ve crossed the line from gifted to insane?” Read chapter 1 now!

About ‘If You Were Here’

Tess used to be normal — or at least, she knew how to fake it. Then her mother started showing up at her fancy prep school acting erratically, which turned Tess into social cyanide. Now, her days at school, once almost tolerable, are unbearable. She longs for summers at her grandmother’s lake house, and weekends bingeing on old movies and Oreos with her best and only friend, Tabitha. The rest of the time Tess just tries to survive, although her nights are increasingly haunted by strange, dreamlike visions that fill her with dread. Then Tabitha drops Tess without warning, switching her allegiance to the school’s popular girls, and leaving Tess without a friend in the world. Before Tess can even cope with losing Tabitha, a horrific tragedy happens one night at school, and Tess is blamed for it.

Now, she must fight to find out the truth about that night, and to clear her name, all the while wondering if her visions were really a prophecy, or if she is going to end up in the grip of a uncontrollable mental illness — just like her mother.

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About the author

jennie yabroff


Jennie Yabroff was born and raised in Berkeley, California and received her MFA from Columbia University. She was a staff arts and culture writer for Newsweek and now writes freelance criticism and essays from her New York base. This is her first novel.

‘If You Were Here’ by Jennie Yabroff will be available on January 2, 2017

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