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‘I-LAND’ episode 6 recap: 6 trainees are eliminated as the global vote continues

Big Hit and Mnet’s I-LAND episode 6 revealed the trainees final test for part 1 — as well as which six were eliminated and sent down to GROUND to wait for the final votes from global fans to be saved!

Before the episode really kicked off, more about the global votes were revealed. So far, the countries participating in voting the most were Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, United States of America, and South Korea — in that order from most to least.

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They also revealed who was leading in votes in different parts of the world. Sunoo in South Korea, Niki in Japan, Daniel in the U.S., Sunghoon in China, Jake in Austraia, Heeseung in India, and Hanbin in Vietnam.

If you missed last week’s episode, or need a refresher on what happened, be sure to check out our I-LAND episode 5 recap!

The episode teased the 4th test coming up, but first showed the behind-the-scenes of what happened while the trainees in I-LAND were getting ready for their test. The producers came to check on their progress like usual, and their suggestion was to make sure that those in the important parts could pull it off because it was more detrimental to the group if they couldn’t. Particularly they pointed out that Jungwon was struggling with his part.

Once the producers had left, the group discussed what they had said and talked over what they should do. Heeseung was ready to take over the part like the group wanted but only if it was okay with Jungwon. Because the 4th test was a matter of each individual person getting evaluated to see if they should remain in the group, they all wanted to leave the decision up to Jungwon.

They went back to practicing before Jungwon made a decision either way, as he was also debating on what was the right move. He not only practiced his part, but also Heeseung’s to see which was a better fit. Later, Jungwon, K, and Heeseung talked more about it in private. They encouraged him to make whatever decision was better for him, saying that there would be pressure either way so it was just a matter of which he was more comfortable in. By the end of it, Jungwon made the decision to switch parts so he and Heeseung went to practice more together.

That wasn’t all they got up to though, the trainees also got spooked when they started to worry that the dorm was being haunted by a ghost. Which brought on some shenanigans amongst the boys who took the chance to have fun and scare each other.

Down at the GROUND base the trainees continued to practice for the 4th test as well. Sunoo began to worry that since he hadn’t had a center part yet he wasn’t getting enough camera time. So he decided to show off some of his skills for the camera while they practiced.

Before their final test the trainees from I-LAND sat down to talk about some of the thoughts that were going through their mind.

“I practiced so hard to show you everything I can do. I’m not going to leave any regrets, I’m gonna make sure everyone sees my improvement.” — EJ

“I have a cold…ao I’m worried about tomorrow but I’m also very excited about it. And I do feel pressure, because I can’t make any mistakes” — K

“I learned about teamwork. I know what to do for the team.” — Heeseung

After practicing for days to get ready, the time for the final test of part 1 arrived and the I-LAND trainees headed down to perform for the producers. They were happy to see that Jungwon’s part was switched and he did better than they were expecting. They also noted that Jay and Jake were doing very well too.

After their final test was over, the trainees were told that they had just one hour before they would have to vote out some of their own teammates. They all worried over who to vote for as well as who might be voted out. Many of them thought that they wouldn’t be able to make a decision until the final moment.

They were surprised when they got to the voting room that each of their scores were revealed before they cast their votes for who to eliminate from I-LAND.

Their individual scores showed that Jungwon had the highest score with 83 points, followed by Sunghoon with 81, Jay with 76, Jake with 75, Heeseung with 70, EJ with 66, while Seon and Youngbin both had 65 points. Those with the lowest scores in the group were Kyungmin with 64 points, Jaebeom with 63, K with 61, and Geonu with 60.

After their votes were complete, the trainees learned the results of who would be eliminated. The three eliminated by their teammates were Youngbin with 11 votes, Kyungmin with 11 votes, and Jaebeom with 10 votes. The producers also learned these results and then made their decisions on who to vote out. Ej, Seon, and Geonu were the trainees eliminated by the producers.

The only six to remain in I-LAND were Heeseung, Jake, Jay, Jungwon, K, and Sunghoon.

The trainees eliminated from I-LAND had to leave immediately and head down to GROUND where they shocked the others there. After they get some time to greet each other the trainees in GROUND learned that they would all be performing the final test together. This means that they had to once again go through all of the parts and decide who would do what parts.

The trainees newly voted out of I-LAND were just as eager to prove themselves as those in GROUND and they gave it their all to get good parts. Newly eliminated Geonu was chosen as the center for their final GROUND performance. They had just three more days to practice before their test.

The episode didn’t show the GROUND trainees practice, but it did show their final test. The 16 trainees in GROUND can only move onto the second part of the series if they’re saved by the global votes.

Daniel, EJ, Geonu, Hanbin, Jaebeom, Jaeho, Jimin, Kyungmin, Nicholas, Niki, Seon, Sunghcul, Sunoo, Taeyong, Taki, and Youngbin’s future in the program all depends on fan’s votes. Fans can vote on Weverse for the 6 trainees they want to see stay on I-LAND and have the chance to debut. Note: it was announced that Yoonwon had to leave the competition due to a leg injury that occurred before the series but flared up during practice.

Before the episode ends, it was also revealed that BTS will be making a special appearance on I-LAND on August 14!

What did you think of ‘I-LAND’ episode 6? Which trainees will you vote to save?

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