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‘I-LAND’ episode 5 recap: Global voting for the final 12 begins

Big Hit and Mnet’s I-LAND episode 5 shows the results of the face-off, and has the trainees preparing for the next test which also opens up the global votes!

If you missed last week’s episode, or need a refresher on what happened, be sure to check out our I-LAND episode 4 recap!

This week, I-LAND episode 5 picked up right where we left off. In the middle of the two teams facing off against each other. The vocal representatives for I-LAND were given a score of 81, while the GROUND representatives were given 74, just 7 points within each other!

Next, the GROUND dance representatives got the chance to show off what they’d been working so hard on. Their team consisted of Niki, Nicholas, and Jaeho. The producers were all impressed at the powerful performance and Niki easily stood out.

The I-LAND dance representatives got ready to go next, and the producer’s were confused as to why Jay was missing as they’d seen him in the practice. Before K, Sunghoon, and Jungwon danced they showed the behind the scenes of what happened to cause the switch.

During their practice, Jay continued to have a hard time getting some of the moves correctly. Jungwon and K kept trying to show Jay how to get it right but they also noticed that Sunghoon (who was practicing on the sidelines) was doing them without any trouble.

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K went to talk to Seon about it before they approached Sunghoon. It was a bit of a delicate situation because they knew that Jay would be upset but they wanted to perform as well as they could. They ended up having a team meeting with all the trainees to decide what to do.

Both Jay and Sunghoon were given the chance to show off the choreography that they’d learned and it was clear that Jay was still having trouble despite his determination. In the end, the choice was pretty obvious and the team ended up voting for Sunghoon to take over.

Jay was upset about it at first, even cried to K about the situation. But K comforted him and told him that he did the best that he could and worked hard at it. By the time the test came around, Jay seemed more settled in the decision and asked Sunghoon to do well so that they could win.

The decision seemed to be the right one because the producers were impressed with the I-LAND dance representatives, especially the part that they choreographed themselves. They felt that K stood out the most during their dance.

The team’s final scores were revealed once the dance representatives were finished. I-LAND came in strong with 154 points overall, and GROUND trailed behind them with 139 points overall. This meant that GROUND lost and none of the dropouts would have the chance to move up. While all the trainees in I-LAND remained safe for the time being.

The trainees were given some downtime to celebrate and come to terms with the win and the loss. One team celebrated and relaxed while they waited for the next test, while the other team tried to comfort each other and figure out what went wrong.

The producers went to visit the trainees in GROUND and told them that the dance was off center which was why they lost points there, and the vocals weren’t stable when they walked which lost them more points. The producers seemed confident they could continue to work on these weaknesses and get better though.

Later, the 4th test was revealed which would determine the final 12 of part 1. The trainees learned that the final 12 would be determined by the I-LAND members, the producers, and the global vote. There would be 6 dropouts total after the test — with 3 being determined by the producers, and the other 3 by the members themselves.

Global voters would have the chance to save their favorites, but only 12 would be able to move onto the next part of the series. Their test song was another original for the members, “I and Credible.”

Both of the teams got right to picking parts. I-LAND chose K as their center for the test, while GROUND chose Hanbin as their center. Though, both teams were well aware that for this test it was important that each of them worked on their own individual skills. They needed to appeal to the producers as well as the global voters.

Niki had an internal dilemma, he passed on being the center for GROUND because he felt like it wasn’t the right part for him. However, the trainees still wanted him to lead them in their practices. Niki hesitated though, wanting his own time to practice and worrying that he kept making bad decisions that led him to staying in GROUND.

After the producers came to visit them, however, it was clear that they needed a lot more help. The producers were worried about how their practice was going and that the team wasn’t showing any confidence. Hanbin was also causing the others to be thrown off because he was doing his parts too slowly.

The feedback from the producers caused Niki to have a change of heart, and he jumped in to take the lead and show the others what needed to be done.

Meanwhile in I-LAND, Jay and Jake took the lead in helping the other trainees learn the difficult choreography. Even most of the trainees in their team agreed that this dance was the hardest test they’d been given so far. While Jay was a bit exhausted from the pressure of teaching so many others, Jake was excited that the other trainees thought he was doing so well.

After practicing mostly individually for the day, the I-LAND trainees came together for a group practice. Somehow, it ended up turning into a muscle show off between the guys.

I-LAND episode 5 ended without actually showing the test being shown to the producers. Viewers were just shown the producers’ deliberations which looks like it was lengthy and difficult, names were bleeped out so there weren’t really any clues to who they were talking about eliminating with their votes.

This means that the global votes are open without viewers knowing which 6 trainees were eliminated from the team. Somehow, fans have to decide who they want to save without knowing for sure who is currently safe on I-LAND. Seon was shown crying in the teaser for next episode so it’s possible he was one of the eliminated.

Fans can vote on Weverse for the 6 trainees they want to see stay on I-LAND and have the chance to debut.

What did you think of ‘I-LAND’ episode 5? Which trainees will you vote to save?

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