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‘I-LAND’ episode 2 recap: The second evaluation tests the member’s teamwork

Big Hit and Mnets’s I-LAND episode 2 revealed the four members that were voted out, as well as their second test to see if the original 12 would be able to stay or get voted out!

If you missed out on the first episode of the survival show, you can catch up with our I-LAND episode 1 recap! You can also learn more about the members with their profiles and blank interviews.

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At the start of I-LAND episode 2, the members that were voted in were able to check out their new living and practice spaces. The members were all very impressed with the design of I-LAND but anxious about the next vote that would determine who got to stay. After all, it was only built for 12 people as they could tell from all the furniture.

The members had two hours to deliberate who they would vote out, and then were had a ten-minute warning that sent them all into a panic. They talked together about who they might vote for and worried about who would be leaving as some of them had already grown attached. When the time ran out, they were called in one by one to vote for who would leave.

After everyone had voted they had to gather to hear the results together. With 10 votes, Sunoo was the first to get kicked out of I-LAND. With 9 votes, Sungchul and Taki were also voted out. Finally, EJ was the last to be voted out with 6 votes. The four dropouts had to get their things and leave I-LAND immediately.

Sunoo, Sungchul, Taki, and EJ took the trek to join the others voted to GROUND. The others already there were surprised to see who was voted out. The dropouts were also shocked to see the difference between I-LAND and GROUND. They were all determined to work to get back to the better training area and get the chance to debut.

With four members freshly voted out, the I-LAND members learned they needed to prepare for another test. The members had to learn to perform “Into the I-Land” and be graded individually by the judges.

Their individual scores would be averaged to make up the team score, which would determine how many of them would be voted out. Meanwhile, the members in GROUND would also learn the same performance and have the chance to rejoin I-LAND.

Before they could begin practicing, the I-LAND members had to figure out who would perform what parts. This meant deciding who will be their center, and who would have more parts than others. They ended up doing a round of mini auditions and voted to see who will get what.

Heeseung was voted as the center, with Geonu getting part 2, Jungwon part 3, K part 4, Seon part 5, Daniel part 6, Sunghoon part 7. There was frustration from Jay who continually kept trying for the better parts but not getting voted for them until he was finally given part 8. Ni-Ki, Youngbin, Jake, and Nicholas were given the remainder parts.

With all of their parts picked out, they were able to head into practice and get to work – with only a few days to prepare before they would be tested. Meanwhile, Hanbin was able to pick up on the choreography fast and helped the rest of the members in GROUND to learn it.

Once they started practices, some of the other members took issue with the way that Heeseung was teaching and leading them. They were worried about his alterations to the choreography as well as his methods of teaching which made the members feel singled out and embarrassed.

They gathered to have a meeting about it and Heeseung happily gave up the center position to make everyone feel better, but then when they decided to switch him with Ni-Ki he was upset about getting such a smaller part.

After days of practice, the GROUND members were filmed individually for their chance to get back into I-LAND. If others were voted out, the judges would pick from the GROUND members to see who did best. Jaebom forgot the lyrics in the middle of his chance and panicked. The others tried to console him, reminding him that he practiced hard.

Before their official test, the I-LAND members had the chance to perform for RAIN and get advice on where they needed more work. First, he had them dance the choreography, then just sing the song, and then show him both at the same time.

RAIN was quick to point out that Ni-Ki was struggling with his pitch and singing and urged him to practice harder since he was the center. He also warned them that they would be performing on a moving stage this time, and they had to make sure they knew their formations well.

The members deliberated on what to do after their notes from RAIN. Some of them worried that they should switch the center back to Heeseung. However, he didn’t want to take the spot back unless it was what Ni-Ki wanted to do. In the end, they stayed with Ni-Ki as the center which surprised the judges. Despite their practice, he continued to have pitch problems during their test.

After their performance, the judges talked over what to do. They acknowledged that the members had everything working against them and no one guiding them in learning for the test but each other, yet they still wanted to score them based on how viewers would.

The members learned everyone’s scores randomly, without knowing who they belonged to before learning their overall score. They were all disappointed to find that they got such a low score of 59 overall which meant that 6 of them would have to be voted out to GROUND.

I-LAND episodes will be available to stream on Youtube as well as Rakuten Viki for international viewers! A special feature called I-LAND cams will be availble on Weverse!

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