7:00 pm EST, August 11, 2016

Have you read all of Hypable’s original ‘Cursed Child’ coverage? (There’s a lot!)

By Andrew Sims | Edited by Karen Rought

We’ve published many features on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child since its release on July 31.

Since we’re all completely obsessed with Harry Potter, we thought it’d be good to make sure you’ve seen all our original Cursed Child coverage. Peruse the list below — we promise it’s worth your time!

We’re not finished, of course. Expect more Cursed Child analysis in the weeks and months ahead!

‘Cursed Child’ puts the Harry Potter fab 5’s parenting to the test — let’s analyze

Who said it: Harry Potter characters in the Original Series, or ‘The Cursed Child’?

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Potterverse and its disservice to the South Asian community (‘Panju’ Weasley? Really?)

On ‘The Cursed Child’ as fanfiction, and where the problem really lies

40 ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ quotes to make you laugh and cry

Is the (spoiler) in ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ canon-compliant?

Mischief managed: Reading ‘Harry Potter’ 19 years later

So who was the ‘Cursed Child’ actually? (poll)

I wrote a dirty ‘Cursed Child’ fanfiction for my new favorite ship

‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’: A missed chance at breakthrough LGBTQ representation

‘Cursed Child’: Did J.K. Rowling ever hint at THAT romance in original series canon?

13 new pieces of ‘Harry Potter’ canon introduced by ‘The Cursed Child’

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