12:00 pm EST, January 8, 2014

Hypable’s BattleShips: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ knockout round

Hypable’s second annual shipping tournament, BattleShips, begins with a knockout round to see which couple has enough of a fan following to kick Stefan & Elena out of their spot for The Vampire Diaries nomination!

Earlier this week we announced BattleShips 2.0, a fandom shipping tournament that will pit couple against couple from some of the biggest shows on Hypable to see which ship has the biggest voice. We’ve pre-selected the couples and the shows and put all the runners-up from last year up against each other, but now it’s your turn to try and vote them out!


Your goal in this round is to vote for the ship you think should represent The Vampire Diaries as BattleShips continues onto the show VS show stage. We’ve pre-selected Stefan and Elena since they were runner-ups in last year’s nomination for the show, but if enough fans vote for a different couple they might get knocked out of the competition!

You’ll have 24 hours to vote Stefan/Elena out of BattleShips and replace them with a ship of your choice or vote for them to stay! But here’s the catch: Stefan/Elena will have an additional 200 votes added onto their numbers when the polls are over, to make knocking them out of their spots that much harder. After all, they were the runner ups last year and it’s going to take some serious fan power to kick them out!


Use the poll below to vote for your favorite ship from The Vampire Diaries. If you’d like to vote anonymously simply select your ship and then when the pop-up comes up select “keep vote anonymous,” and make sure that you have pop-ups enabled.

And don’t forget: Stefan/Elena will get 200 additional votes when the poll ends.


Check out the list of couples set to take the stage as BattleShips 2.0 continues with the knockout rounds over the next two weeks. After each couple is nominated we’ll enter them into a bracket-styled competition where they’ll go head to head until one ship is titled Hypable’s Ship of the Year.

The Vampire Diaries – Elena & Stefan
Downton Abbey – Sybil & Branson
New Girl – Schmidt & CeCe
Teen Wolf – Stiles & Lydia
Big Bang Theory – Sheldon & Amy
Merlin – Arthur & Gwen
Castle – Esposito & Ryan
Bones – Angela & Hodgins
Avatar – Zuko & Katara
Doctor Who – Rory & Amy
Sherlock – Sherlock & Irene
Game of Thrones – Sansa & Sandor
Once Upon A Time – Rumpelstiltskin & Belle
Glee – Rachel & Quinn
Supernatural – Dean & Sam
How I Met Your Mother – Lily & Marshall

Who did you vote for to represent ‘The Vampire Diaries’?

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