It’s our the second Sudden Death round in this year’s BattleShips! You have six hours to vote for your favorite ship, and the winner goes onto the next round. Will it be Bones or Merlin?


In the last round of BattleShips the winning margin was less than 150 votes, and when it’s a vote that close we then have to give each ship another chance. Whoever wins the sudden death round will continue on in Hypable’s shipping tournament.


Each Sudden Death round will last 6 hours. This will give your fandom only a few hours to gain the upper hand, so make sure to let them know!

The point of the sudden death round is to see which fandom has a bigger voice and is able to get more votes in such a short span of time. The votes will be wiped clean and each couple will start at 0, and whoever wins this round (even if it’s only by one vote) will continue on in the competition.


Well, now that you’ve read how Sudden Death works it’s time to vote for your favorite ship!

Today we’re pitting Angela and Hodgins from Bones against Gwen and Lancelot from Merlin. Which couple do you think has a chance to come out on top? Vote and let us know in the comments!


Round 3Click for larger view.

Who did you vote for in today’s BattleShips?

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