Our final preliminary round of BattleShips begins with How I Met Your Mother! Which ship will make it off to the fandom vs. fandom showdown?

Hypable has decided to take on the monumental task of hosting a fandom shipping tournament, where we pit ship against ship and fandom against fandom to see which relationship will emerge the victor. In our qualifying round we asked you to pick your top 10 favorite fandoms, and we decided that the race was so close we actually made it the top 16.

Round 1: Damon and Elena from Vampire Diaries
Round 2: Matthew and Mary from Downton Abbey
Round 3: Nick and Jess from New Girl
Round 4: Stiles and Derek from Teen Wolf
Round 5: Leonard and Penny from The Big Bang Theory
Round 6: Merlin and Arthur from Merlin
Round 7: Castle and Kate from Castle
Round 8: Bones and Booth from Bones
Round 9: Aang and Katara from Avatar
Round 10: Rose and The Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who
Round 11: Arya and Gendry from Game of Thrones
Round 12: Sherlock and Watson from Sherlock
Round 13: Emma and Regina from Once Upon A Time
Round 14: Kurt & Blaine from Glee
Round 15: Dean & Castiel from Supernatural

And now How I Met Your Mother gets its turn in our preliminary rounds to see which ship will represent each fandom in the final showdown.

And your ‘HIMYM’ OTP is: Barney & Robin

Shipping Recap

New to shipping? Let us help you understand some of these ships!

Where did some of those ships come from?

If you’re new to shipping then you may not understand why we have some of the pairs up there. In the fandom world, there are two types of pairs. There’s canon, and then there’s fanon. A canon ship is something that we’ve seen happen or been hinted at on the show, whilst a fanon ship is created by the fandom (hence the name fanon) and hasn’t been seen on screen.

The shipping world is filled with shippers who both do fanon and canon shippings, and in some cases a fanon shipping is much stronger than your typical canon pairing. If you’d like to know what really defines a canon or fanon relationship, at least according to us at Hypable, then read below!


As per our opinion, a canon relationship is one where the two characters have actually been involved in some sort of emotional or physical relations on the show. Flirting, kissing, sleeping together, that’s all something that would make a pair a canon ship. At least, that’s how we see it on Hypable. We’ve seen the characters above do everything from a small kiss to steamy sex scenes.


A fanon ship is something that the fans would love to see on the show, but hasn’t actually happened (yet). Inside this realm of ships are also all the ships that have been hinted to in the show, but nothing has actually occurred.

There are also the ships that are inspired by two characters just interacting and having great chemistry. While these aren’t romantic relationships on the show, they’ve definitely turned out their fair share of romance fics and images on the Internet.

Vote for your OTP!

Only one ship will move on and represent How I Met Your Mother in the final rounds of BattleShips. So which will you pick? Are you going to vote for something that has happened on the show because you can’t wait to see more, or will you vote for a fanon couple and try to show the producers that they need to give it more attention?

Pick your couple and tell us in the comments what you chose!

Confused about what shipping is?

If you’ve missed our first article, take a look at our first BattleShips post to figure out what all this shipping nonsense means. And if you still don’t understand, sound off in the comments below and we’ll help you out!

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