You’ve voted for three months and now the time has come to choose which relationship has the loudest fandom. Will it be Bella and Edward from Twilight or Rose and Dimitri from Vampire Academy? You decide!

This particular version of BattleShips has been quite the surprise for everyone! Through-out the tournament Lyra and Will from His Dark Materials managed to outlast some of the biggest fandoms on the site like Harry Potter‘s Ron and Hermione and Divergent‘s Tris and Four.

Meanwhile, fandoms like Twilight and Vampire Academy stood strong against the competition and managed to make it to the final battle! Congratulations to all the fandoms involved, and we hope you had as much fun as we did while doing the tournament.

Before we get to the polls and the interesting battles of the tournament, we’d like to thank Brandan Leathead for doing our final battle image below. He’s submitted a couple of pieces of fan art just for BattleShips, and it’d be a shame not to show our readers his amazing work!

The images below represent fandom couples Ron and Hermione, Gatsby and Daisy, and Hazel and Augustus, all of whom lost to our two final champions. Take a look at these pieces of art, and then go vote for the championship round of BattleShips!

Ron Hermione battleship book

TFIOS battleship book

You can follow Brandon on both YouTube and Tumblr. Please do, he’s amazing and deserves your love!


BattleShip Final Vote

Voting is now closed.

This poll will last 48 hours!

Which means all votes will be done at exactly 12:00PM on September 1st! Be sure to check back on Hypable for the winning announcement post.

Reminder: Sudden Death

This is the final battle, so sudden death is going to go just a little differently. In the event that the battle ends with a margin of 100 votes or less, the battle will go into sudden death. Sudden death means that the next day, a new battle will be set up for only 12 hours, and the winner of that poll will go on to the next round. All votes will be reset in sudden death, so every vote counts!

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