Shopping for loved ones during the holiday season can be difficult, but one thing’s for sure: If you get someone a gift that is tied to their fandom, they’re bound to adore it. After all, fandom = bliss.

Hypable’s 2017 Fandom Gift Guide consists of picks from several of our writers. These ideas are perfect for the fandom lover in your life.

2017 Fandom Gift Ideas

MoviePass: See unlimited movies in the theater!

MoviePass has been around for a couple years, but in 2017 it got a lot better. You can now subscribe to MoviePass — which lets you see up to one movie a day in some of your local theaters — for a flat price of $9.99 per month. Feeling courageous? You can commit to a year and pay $6.95 per month.

MoviePass is a dream come true if it includes one of your favorite local theaters, and it couldn’t be easier to use: You go to your theater, load up the app, select your movie time, then go to the ticket booth and swipe your MoviePass card. Up to 30 movies per month for as low as $6.95? Two for MoviePass, please! – Andrew

‘Star Wars’ style from Rag & Bone

For the fashionista in your life who still wants to rep their Star Wars obsession, you can’t go wrong with a statement piece from Rag & Bone.

The designer line has an entire collection of tops, pants, shoes, bags, and limited-edition tees inspired by the iconic imagery of the galaxy far, far away, available on Dec. 1. Help your boyfriend channel Anakin Skywalker’s brooding scowl with Rag & Bone’s tan hoody, or bundle your sister up in the Rebellion’s pale Hoth fatigues. Sure, it’s all a bit on the expensive side, but can you really put a price on the sensation of stalking around in high-heeled Kylo Ren booties?

No, padawan. You cannot. – Michal

‘DC Universe 10th Anniversary Collection’

Aquaman might be a year away, but you can give the DC fan in your life plenty of comic book movie goodness with this DC Animated Universe box set (Blu-ray, $180). This 10th anniversary collection includes 30 different films inspired both by classic comic book stories to more current story arcs. It’s a great gift for any of your DC comics loving friends and a fun way to delve further in the world of these iconic superheroes. – Lelanie

Fantasy Floor Plans: For the TV obsessed

Do you know someone who loves a television show so intensely that they feel as if they are a part of the characters’ lives? Why not give them a piece of the sets they know better than their own homes? These floor plans range from classic sets (I Love Lucy) to current sitcom favorites (The Big Bang Theory, Will and Grace). This is something truly unique for the fan who has everything! -Brittany

‘Stranger Things’ season 1: Collector’s Edition (VHS!)

Stranger Things has been taking over the internet, and now there’s a way to give it to those you love in real life. This special DVD set is perfect for hardcore Stranger Things fans. They can hold it in their very own hands and watch it anywhere they want. The beautiful, nostalgic VHS-like case is perfect for fans to display on their bookshelf.

This special DVD set is also a great way to introduce Mike, Eleven, and the gang to any of your family members who still don’t have a Netflix account. Let’s face it: the Venn diagrams of those who don’t use Netflix and those who are suckers for ‘80s nostalgia have a great deal of overlap. Don’t keep their curiosity doors locked any longer! – Erica

‘Star Wars’ Jedi Augmented Reality Headset: Become a Jedi!

Growing up as a Star Wars fan, there was one thing I always wanted more than anything: to be a Jedi. My imagination took me most of the way there, but in 2017 technology has caught up to the point that you can actually live out that dream. Well, through Augmented Reality, at least.

There’s a fairly large price tag attached — it comes in at $200, for the AR headset, Rey’s lightsaber, and a tracking beacon — but for the chance to live for a moment in the Star Wars universe? That’s absolutely priceless.

And, when you’re done becoming a Jedi Master and battling against formidable foes, like Darth Maul, The Seventh Sister, The Grand Inquisitor, Darth Vader and Kylo Ren, you can kick back and play a couple of rounds of HoloChess. Just remember to let the Wookie win… -Donya

‘The Art of Harry Potter’: The best companion book yet

The latest Harry Potter companion book may also be the best ever. I wrote a review of it on Hypable earlier this month. Don’t miss out on The Art of Harry Potter — it’s a gorgeous tome that focuses exclusively on concept art for the eight films. There’s lots of new material in it that’s never been seen before, and this book is begging to be put on display. It’s pricey, but the diehard Harry Potter fan in your life will love it. – Andrew

12 Days of Socks: ‘Harry Potter,’ ‘Star Wars,’ and more!

12 gifts in one! Who would argue? Target now has an advent calendar of its own — 12 Days of Socks! I surely cannot be the only one with more fandom-related socks than I can count.

With this set you get a different pair of socks for 12 days. The best part about this gift is you can choose from Harry Potter, Disney, Star Wars, DC, and more! (Note: Those links go to the women’s sizes, but there are men’s and children’s sizes, too). Get them while you can! – Brandi

SNES Classic and Nintendo Switch

If you’re in your late 20s or early 30s like me, you probably grew up on 8-bit video games like Super Mario World, Mario Kart, Street Fighter and The Legend of Zelda on the Super Nintendo. Nintendo has now bundled 20 of your favorite retro games from Super Nintendo into the SNES Classic, a follow up to last year’s wildly popular NES Classic. The “console” will fit in the palm of your hand, includes two controllers and works via HDMI. I’ve had mine for a few months and can’t stop playing it! If you can find one this holiday season, they retail for $79!

If you need to buy for someone younger who can’t appreciate the nostalgia of Street Fighter II and the SNES Classic, but loves the Nintendo and Mario fandom, then you should definitely buy a Nintendo Switch with Super Mario Odyssey ($299 and $59 respectively). The game, which is getting favorable reviews from critics, fits every conceivable style of the Mario games into its exceptionally vast 3D world. Super Mario fans of all ages will love this! – John

A bit of romance from The Ripped Bodice

If you’re shopping for a bookworm that’s obsessed with romance, check out the online store for Culver City, California’s The Ripped Bodice! As the only independent bookstore that solely caters to romance novels, readers will just love anything from this store!

They have some great swag that includes tote bags, badges, and bookmarks, as well as some awesome shirts with sayings like, “Smart Girls Read Romance,” “I Am the Heroine of My Own Story” or simply, “The Ripped Bodice.”

You can also order books from them online as well, and some of them are even signed! If you’re feeling lucky, you can do the “Blind Date with a Book!” -Sonya

The perfect sweatshirt for ANY movie buff

Whether they love the classics, blockbusters, or indie movies, this sweatshirt from Movies Brand is sure to be the perfect fit for any movie buff in your life. The solid color and simple design make it a versatile addition to anyone’s wardrobe. With the word “movies” written boldly on the front of the sweatshirt, it makes a clear statement that cinephiles will be proud to wear on their chests.

Movies Brand also has other apparel for you to choose from, including a baseball cap, a winter hat, and t-shirts! All styled with a simple design and affordable price, the movie lover in your life is sure to love this simple yet thoughtful gift. – Aaron

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