Are you clever? Witty? Creative? Hypable is seeking a small and entertaining group of new writers to take on a unique and fun niche of content.

UPDATE: This application has now closed.


We’re looking for creative and witty fans who can write up to three original pieces of content a week.

These articles can be styled in any suitable format (such as lists, galleries, etc) with the idea being that Hypable can offer more than just news, but an entertaining and diverse catalog of content. They must be relevant and timely (perhaps based on a recent news story).

Examples of what kind of articles you’ll be asked to write:

– The five worst things about movie theaters.
– Six books to read while waiting for J.K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy.
– How to: Jump into a new fandom like a pro.
– Five scenes we wish actually made it into the Harry Potter films.
– The nine best Doctor Who costumes we’ve ever seen.


We will expect each writer to…

– Have a great sense of humor.
– Have a strong command of the English language.
– Use images to make the articles visually interesting.
– Write at least two articles a week (for release on particular days).
– Use their creativity to come up with original, entertaining, and timely content.
– Work quickly and efficiently.
– Regularly use recent news stories as inspiration.
– Have a strong knowledge of sites that can help you find images and content for the articles you’re writing.
– Be willing to accept our ideas and run with them.
– Be able to write out great explanations for each item in your list (Using The Casual Vacancy example above: We’d need to know WHY each of those books would be great to read while waiting).

How to Apply

In an e-mail to [email protected]

– Provide us your name, age, and location.
– Tell us why you have time to write three of these types of articles a week.
– Tell us which fandoms you are a big fan of and would like to write content about (the more the better)!
Come up with your own idea for a viral list/article (or use the examples above), write it out fully, and submit it with your application! If it’s a post that relies heavily on images, do make sure you include the images as well. You can create it in a Google Doc if you can’t put it in an e-mail – just be sure to share the Google Doc with [email protected]

Please note that the above positions are volunteer work. However, your work will be seen by tens of thousands of people across the globe!

Don’t tell the existing Hypable writers, but this position on the site will probably be the most fun. It’s all about exploring clever ideas in your fandoms! Thanks to all who apply – you will hear back within a week if accepted.

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