9:30 am EST, January 1, 2019

Hypable staff picks: Our most anticipated fandom moments of 2019

As Hypable rings in a new year of entertainment news, our staff share the books, movies, TV and events that we’re personally looking forward to in 2019.

As always, it’s time to sweep the shadows of the old year out the back door and open our hearts to a brand new 12 months of Quality Content. Here’s a super-subjective look at the fandom moments our team here at Hypable are most excited to experience.

Aaron Locke – @happyasaaron

Movie Release? The Irishman. Martin Scorsese is more than just a director, he’s a living legend. He’s been making movies for over four decades and has shown no sign of stopping. He’s been on a roll as of late and The Irishman promises to be one of 2019’s most exciting movies. The film marks Scorsese’s reunion with Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Harvey Keitel, with Al Pacino, Bobby Cannavale, and Anna Paquin rounding out the cast. The film will feature a digital de-aging of some of the older cast members and will be distributed via Netflix. If you’re a fan of Scorsese’s mob dramas, buckle up because The Irishman is on its way.

Reading Experience? Furious Hours: Murder, Fraud, and the Last Trial of Harper Lee by Casey Cep. I’ve long been a fan of Harper Lee and had a curious fascination with her involvement in the story behind Truman Capote’s iconic novel In Cold Blood. She helped Capote with his research for the novel that interrogated the murders of the Clutter family in Kansas in 1959. Furious Hours is a lesser known story about Harper Lee’s own attempt at writing her own true crime novel about five murders committed by Reverend Willie Maxwell. While Lee’s novel never came to fruition, this new novel by Casey Cep promises shed light on this iconic American writer.

TV Moment? Big Little Lies season 2. HBO’s Emmy winning miniseries Big Little Lies was one of the most exciting new series in 2016, bringing together a cast of A-list actresses including Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon. The show was such a hit that HBO gave the show a second season. Announcements that Meryl Streep would be joining the cast and that British director Andrea Arnold (Fish Tank, American Honey) have only raised the profile of the show. Big Little Lies is set to return this spring and it’s sure to be one of the year’s must watch shows. Here’s to hoping the show can strike gold once again.

Fannish Highlight? Paul McCartney concert at Dodgers Stadium. I was in my early teen years when I first started listening to The Beatles, and specifically Paul McCartney’s solo albums. At the time, I thought I’d never, ever live to see him perform live in concert. In the years since, the timing has always been bad or I never had the money for tickets. This year that changed and in July I’ll get to see Paul McCartney perform live at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles. I’m already counting down the days!

Beth Aderhold – @attoliancrown

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Movie Release? Deadwood. Twelve years after the HBO show was cancelled, we finally are getting the ending we deserved to begin with in the upcoming Deadwood movie. With the return of all of the main cast, it’s going to be a wild ride full of epic cursing, debauchery, and backstabbing and I cannot wait.

Reading Experience? Return of the Thief by Megan Whalen Turner. After over 20 years my favorite series is coming to an end. Return of the Thief will no doubt live up to all expectations because Megan never disappoints with her subtle way of writing, unreliable narration, and plot twists that leave you with your jaw hanging open. With the title being about the Thief, one can only hope that we get the return of Eugenides as a point of view character as well, which in and of itself will be worth the wait.

TV Moment? Cowboy Bebop. With Netflix announcing its live action remake of Cowboy Bebop, it is at the forefront for me when it comes to TV. As a huge fan of the original anime, I am both hesitant for it but also cannot wait to watch it. We can only hope that it holds true to the anime with music, style, and all over vibe. All high school!Beth wanted was a live action Cowboy Bebop and knowing it’s finally happening is eclipsing any worries I have about casting.

Fannish Highlight? Overwatch’s Archives event. My favorite event of the year in Overwatch is Archives, because Retribution is amazing. I love Overwatch events and the PvE games that come along with it like Junkenstein’s Revenge in the Halloween event. Although I love Junkenstein’s revenge, I think that Retribution is my overall favorite and in 2018 I played nothing but that for the entirety of the event. Everything from the player dialogue to the map itself and storyline, there isn’t anything I don’t love about it and I can’t wait for April!

Brandi Delhagen – @branditiana

Movie Release? John Wick: Chapter 3. Baba Yaga is back on May 17, 2019 and I couldn’t be any more excited! John Wick (Keanu Reeves) left us in Chapter 2 with a 14-million bounty on his head where he’s on the run for his life. Those who know me know that I am one of the biggest Keanu Reeves fans. He is amazing in this movie series and the (possible) conclusion to this saga has me already wanting more. Show me ALL the Keanu and furbabies!

Reading Experience? The Tesla Legacy by K.K. Perez. A new sci-fi novel with females in STEM focus and a Latinx author? Sign me up! Can March 12, 2019 hurry up already!?

TV Moment? I’m not sure who isn’t hyped for this final season of Game of Thrones. We have all waited patiently for Khaleesi to take her throne… BUT then we find out that Jon Snow may be the legitimate throne-holder… BUT again they’ve both just slept together! What now? THIS is what we’ve all been waiting for, although we know there will be many, many casualties one can assume. Regardless, it’ll be one for the books!

Fannish Highlight? I’m planning a trip to Salem around Halloween with a close group of friends that I couldn’t be more excited for! I usually create a haunted house in my garage on Halloween night, but we’ll be taking a break so I can hang with the witches for my favorite holidays; Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos.

Brittany Lovely – @britlovely237

Movie Release? Men in Black International. In the battle of the Chrises, I am strongly situated in the Hemsworth Camp. Infinity War: Endgame is likely going to be super depressing, so I’m setting my sights on another Hemsworth release — Men in Black International. My Thor squad is reuniting to take down different alien scum and I’m happy to report that they look super-fly in their costumes. As a fan of the original Men in Black trilogy, I don’t have any reservations about rebooting this series. Of course there are other agents, other aliens, other problems to tackle in the universe. It’s a natural fit for the franchise to expand in this way and with such a stellar cast, I don’t see anything preventing this from being a box office hit.

Reading Experience? Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell. I read Ship It by Britta Lundin in early 2018 and quickly felt the need to dive right back into Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl and Carry On. My first read of these books was very passive. I loved the “real” characters of the former, Cather and Levi, but didn’t connect with the “fictional” character threads of Baz and Simon. However, on the second go, I became swept up in their story, one that is told with narrative threads that parallel some familiar stories in pop culture. That didn’t bother me as much in reread. I was taken. And then as I set the book down, a poster appeared from Rowell and speculation began to suggest that by 2020 a new Simon and Baz novel would make its way into my life. A few months later and that date was pushed up to 2019 and everything felt infinitely better. I’m looking forward to having my queer vampire, demon power couple back in Wayward Son, even if the tagline reads, “This will end in flames.”

TV Moment? MY SHOWS ARE FINALLY BACK. 2018 was a weird year for television. American Gods was off the air all year, Shadowhunters was cancelled after it’s strongest run of episodes, Jane the Virgin did the thing, and Star Trek reignited a long-lost connection to a franchise. So, come 2019, I’m happy that all of these shows are premiering new content along with a few favorite standbys (The Good Place, Will and Grace, and Superstore, One Day at a Time). It’s going to be a great year for television and I’m excited to have so many fandoms to dive back into full force. I’ve missed the conversations around the more intricate shows, and cannot wait to start a few more around the newer ones (GOOD OMENS, the start of His Dark Materials).

Fannish Highlight? Moulin Rouge! on Broadway. There are quite a few shows I’m looking forward to seeing in 2019, but none more so than Moulin Rouge! starring Karen Olivo and Aaron Tveit. That sentence alone is a dream. But add that to the direction by Alex Timbers and throw in one of my favorite choreographers, Sonya Tayeh, and the spectacle that is Moulin Rouge! begins to take shape without seeing a single second. Granted there was a teaser of Tveit singing “Come What May” (I am responsible for 10K of those views), but the pictures from the out of town run in Boston sealed the deal for me. The staging is dark and yet oozing with truth, beauty, freedom, and love. As it should be.

Danielle Zimmerman – @Zimm102090

Movie Release? Captain Marvel. Though I wasn’t all that impressed with the most recent trailer for Captain Marvel (and hate myself for slightly agreeing with butthurt fanboys that it felt slightly Green Lantern-ish), I’m really, really looking forward to seeing Carol Danvers on the big screen. I’ve been waiting for Captain Marvel ever since it was confirmed all the way back in 2014 that she’d be getting her own and was honestly enraged when her movie release date kept being pushed back so that Black Panther and Spider-Man could make their debuts earlier. The coming of one of the Marvel Universe’s strongest heroes (let alone the MCU’s first female-led film) is beyond overdue and I’m here for it no matter what. Bring on the 90s grunge, Skrulls, badass women, and *fingers crossed* surprise Peggy Carter cameo.

Reading Experience? Jacquelyn Middleton’s next release — maybe? So this may be wishful thinking, considering that she’s still working on promoting Until the Last Star Fades and (presumably) only just started writing her next novel, but Jacquelyn Middleton has released a new novel every year for the last three years. It’s perfectly reasonable for me to hope that she’ll be releasing her next book in late 2019. Jacquelyn Middleton’s books resonate with me more than any others that I’ve ever read, what with their swoon-worthy romances/heroes and frank discussions of mental health, and I just can’t get enough of them. So fingers crossed that 2019 won’t be a year without another installment in her wonderful book universe.

TV Moment? VERONICA MARS RETURNS, BITCHESSSSSSS. Really, need I say more? Veronica Mars is my absolute favorite television series of all time. I was hired on at Hypable a few days before the movie/Kickstarter was announced. I met some of my very best friends and really dug into my role at Hypable as a result of hosting the Veronica Mars round of our ReWatchable podcast. This show means the world to me. It was never a question of “if” Veronica Mars would return. It was always a question of “when” and “how” (in terms of what form it would take). I’m over-the-moon to be getting Veronica Mars in a tightened-up and elevated version of its original form and can’t wait to feast my eyes on all of my favorite characters.

Fannish Highlight? My (personally) long-awaited return to BEA and BookCon. A few years ago, I attended my first-ever BEA/BookCon with my fellow Hypable Books ladies. It was held right here in Chicago, so there was no reason for me *not* to go and, let me tell you, it was one of the most life-affirming weeks of my life. Unfortunately, the event didn’t do as smoothly here in the Midwest so it moved back to New York City, making it impossible for me to attend the last couple of years. However, now that my day job has given me double the amount of time off than I had before, I’m finally going to be able to make my return and be around likeminded bookworms. I can’t wait to chat with authors and publishing industry professionals about one of my favorite topics in the whole world: BOOKS.

Donya Abramo – @virtual_don

Movie Release? Movies based on beloved book series can always be hit-or-miss. When it was originally announced that Artemis Fowl would be getting a big screen adaptation, I was nervous beneath my excitement. I’ve had a fondness for those books for the longest time, and seeing it come to life before my eyes would be a thrill, but there were so, so, so many ways in which it could go wrong. However, so many of my worries melted away when the first trailer dropped, and my excitement amped up tenfold. The books themselves are such a unique blend of sci-fi, fantasy, action and comedy, that it would lend itself well to a potential series. Also, Artemis himself is a fascinating main character, as he’s not the conventional hero that you’d come to expect of a Disney movie, and instead skews more villain than anything. With all that in mind, I’m eagerly anticipating what Disney — and director Kenneth Branagh — have come up with.

Reading Experience? There are so many queer centered books that I am looking forward to reading in 2019, but The Afterward by E.K. Johnston might just take the top spot. I’ve always had a fondness for high fantasy and kick-ass women, but throw in a queer relationship? I’m completely and utterly sold. The excerpt we released on Hypable was what hooked me the most, and I’ve been counting down to its release date ever since. I can’t wait to curl up and read it, cover to cover.

TV Moment? Two words: Young Justice. When the show was unceremoniously cancelled, I was one of the fans in — understandable — uproar. It made little to no sense to end the series at that point, with so much left in flux, but the hard battles waged to see the show return were so very much worth it. The first glimpse at the new season brought me to tears, and I can only imagine what I’ll be like when I have a whole slew of episodes to feast my eyes on. When Young Justice first aired, it was one of my absolute favorite animated series. I can’t wait to see if it picks up right where it left off, and puts on a masterclass of storytelling once again.

Fannish Highlight? It will surprise absolutely no one to discover that — once again — this is going to be about hockey. Most of my hockey highlight moments happened in 2018 (with the Capitals winning the Stanley Cup!), but I’m hoping to extend them into the new year with some new experiences. Most notably, the Capitals Casino Night. I’ve wanted to attend one for what feels like forever, but 2019 will be the year that I finally make it happen. (I’m even saving some of my annual leave from my day job to block out the potential dates.) Plus… who doesn’t love an excuse to wear something a little sparkly?

Karen Rought –

Movie Release? Every time I see a trailer for How to Train Your Dragon 3, I’m reminded of how much this franchise has grown. By the time the third installment hits theaters, it’ll have been nearly 10 years since the first one graced our screens. How to Train Your Dragon was a visual feast from the get-go, and it’s heartwarming story only got better once the second one dropped. Hiccup has matured (and the internet has noticed), and Toothless has met a dragon not unlike himself in many ways. The trailer looks like a lot of fun, and it has plenty of humor, but it also teases a dark story that is sure to bring thrills and danger. The How to Train Your Dragon franchise continues to be one of those pure experiences for me, devoid of any drama or disinterest, and I can’t wait to watch it come February 22, 2019.

Reading Experience? I’ve been a little hesitant about the Trials of Apollo series from Rick Riordan. The first book definitely caught my attention — it was new and different, despite the fact that this is the third full series Riordan has written about the Greek gods, all set in the same universe. The second book didn’t do much for me, but the third one reminded me why I love Riordan’s writing so much. It was full of adventure and humor, yes, but also heartache and loss. We lost an old favorite, but we continue to find new ones as Apollo learns what it means to be human — and to care about humans, too. I hope The Trials of Apollo: The Tyrant’s Tomb will continue this momentum, though we’ll have to wait a bit longer for it, since it isn’t releasing until September 24, 2019.

TV Moment? Into the Badlands season 3 will finally return in 2019, though we don’t yet have an official release date. We’ve already gotten the first eight episodes, but we’ve already had to wait six months for the second half, with at least two or three more months to go for the hiatus. News has been sparse and fans are going a bit crazy wondering why AMC doesn’t promote its show like it should. A lot of questions have been answered since Pilgram showed up this year, but he’s also posed so many more. We’re finally learning more about Sunny, and I, for one, can’t wait to dive back in to this breathtaking series.

Fannish Highlight? Every year, my roommate (fellow Hypable writer Kristen!) and I host an Oscars party at our place. It isn’t big (usually it’s just us and one other person), but it’s always a lot of fun. Every year, I try to get better at keeping up with some of the most important (or even just the most talked about) films being released. I also have plans this year to go back and watch some of those movies I’m a little embarrassed to admit I haven’t seen yet. Wish me luck!

Kristen Kranz – @kranzie85

Movie Release? Dark Phoenix. There are so many movies to be excited about for 2019 that it seems impossible to choose just one. Many of the ones I am excited to see are listed by my other wonderful writers (so make sure to check out their choices), but I must say I am really quite excited for Dark Phoenix. I have loved the X-Men: First Class era, especially with James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Jennifer Lawrence delivering incredible performances at every turn, but I am most excited to see what Sophie Turner can do with Jean Grey/Phoenix in this film. The last cinematic exploration of Jean Grey’s powers didn’t go over so well, so I’m hoping this movie will help to wipe the stain of X-Men: The Last Stand from people’s memories.

Reading Experience? Rage by Cora Carmack. In case you’ve skillfully avoided all of the other times I’ve sung the praises of Cora Carmack’s YA fantasy debut, you really MUST go read Roar right now. It’s chock full of magic and mystery and kissing and dark, crazy baddies, and I’ve been absolutely DYING to get my hands on the next part of the saga. For those that don’t know, Roar is all about a land where storms are magical and, more importantly, sentient. There are highborn stormlords whose job it is to protect their cities from any storms that arrive, especially during rage season, and storm hunters who roam the wildlands in between settled cities and fight storms to steal their magic. The first book in the series did a fantastic job of setting up the world and giving us the background to know the hows and whys and whens and whos, so I’m beyond excited to dive into Rage and see what is next for all the incredible characters I’ve already come to love. Now I just have to get to June… somehow.

TV Moment? Legacies returning from its midseason break… and season 2! Legacies has gotten off to a fantastic start on the CW this fall, introducing a bevy of new characters and concocting a mystery that has even the most devout TVD and Originals fans scratching their heads. This spinoff of a spinoff is charging forward and blazing a trail all its own, and I am more excited for everything that lies ahead than I ever could have imagined when The Originals ended last spring, breaking all our hearts as we said goodbye to the Mikaelson family. I can’t wait to see what comes next for all our favorites at the Salvatore School when the show returns in just a few weeks. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead as we watch the 9 episodes left in season 1. And I can’t wait to hear that Legacies is getting a season 2. This show has so much going for it that I never could have anticipated, and I am beyond excited to see what the future holds for Hope, Alaric, and all the rest.

Fannish Highlight? Playing Kingdom Hearts 3 with my brother. I am not really a gamer. I spent my formative years playing and replaying my Nintendo classic games, as well as a handful of Playstation games that caught my interest. I never really angsted for the new system or the new game… with one notable exception: Kingdom Hearts. You see, the only reason I had any interest in video games was because my youngest brother loved them so much. We would sit down together and play through Spyro and Crash Bandicoot, taking turns playing levels until we could proudly say we had the game 100% completed. And then one of us (I don’t really remember who) got a copy of Kingdom Hearts for Christmas. We weren’t Final Fantasy aficionados, but the chance to go world by world through Disney movies that we had grown up watching and rewatching was too hard to resist. And so, we played. We spent days that fateful Christmas doing nothing more than playing through our new adventure, boss by boss, level by level, and it was so much fun. So, even though we are quite a bit older, when we heard that Kingdom Hearts III was hitting shelves in January, we both scheduled a couple days off. On January 25, 2019, my brother and I will begin a new adventure, and we’ll play and play for the next 48 hours to see how far we can get before adulthood calls us away. I really couldn’t be more excited.

Lelanie Seyffer – @lelaniecypher

Movie Release? You already know: Shazam. No matter what year it is, you can pretty much guarantee that my most anticipated movie is going to be something connected to the DCEU. And as a fan, I am never disappointed. A mere four months after spending time in Atlantis with Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, we’ll get to see another DCEU superhero on the big screen — Shazam. I don’t know too much about the original Captain Marvel, but the idea of a kid in a superpowered superhero’s body sounds like such a good time at the theaters. I’ve watched the trailer about fifty times and have laughed each and every time, and was charmed and endeared by the cast — especially Zach Levi — when they came to SDCC this year. Shazam seems like the best kind of wish fulfillment for any kid that’s grown up with superheros, and I can’t wait to see it on the big screen.

Reading Experience? S.A Chakraborty’s The Kingdom of Copper. City of Brass was my absolute favorite book of 2017, and has become one of my all-time favorite fantasy novels ever. I read it about three times in the first week or so that I had it, each time hoping that the book would somehow magically continue on because I was desperate for it not to end. It has everything I want in a book — fantastic world-building, complex characters, complicated female leads and a strong romance — and is just so gorgeously written to boot. The world building in particular was so refreshing to me — set in the Middle East and inspired by Islamic mythology, which is a welcome and necessary break from so many Western inspired fantasy series. I’ve been anxiously waiting to read what happens to Nahri, Dara and Ali after the devastating end of the first book and am so overjoyed I only have to wait seven days after the new year to find out.

TV Moment? DC Universe’s Doom Patrol. I know next to nothing about DC’s Doom Patrol, which puts me with about 97% of other people — even for those of us who have regularly read DC comics since childhood. This team that DC once described as the ‘world’s strangest heroes’ — part Fantastic Four with shades of X-Men — captured my heart in their little backdoor pilot episode of Titans a few weeks ago. I’m ready to watch this found family of misfits realize that who they are is good enough and what they can do is save the world.

Fannish Highlight? Young Justice: Outsiders. Young Justice is one of the strongest and best superhero shows ever, and I was absolutely gutted when it got cancelled. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one. The powers that be (aka the studio heads at WB) heard our cries for more and, five years after Young Justice first went off the air, have deigned to give us an entire 26 episode third season. It honestly feels like a small miracle to even be writing those words, and I’m so glad that this show’s fans have been able to push through for even more fantastic content from a team and show that we all loved so much. The other thing I’m super excited for is to be able to share in the experience with other DC fans. When the show originally aired, my DC fandom wasn’t what it is today and I’m so excited to be able to see be able to share reactions, questions and general ‘oh shit!’ moments with people who are just as excited about this show as I am.

Michal Schick – @inkasrain

Movie Release? My long ride with the MCU won’t strictly conclude with Avengers: Endgame, but Infinity War’s conclusion is certainly the end of an era. Funny, flashy, and heartstring-pulling, the MCU’s stories offered a chance to embrace stories of conflict and heroism that had previously seemed inaccessible. And now, many of those stories will come to an end. However the Avengers chose to take on Thanos in one last stand, I’m sure the close will be bittersweet; but there is also a joy in hard-earned endings. Even as I dread the losses, I’m excited to follow Tony, Steve, and the rest through the final movement of their grand Marvel symphony.

Reading Experience? King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo. Leigh Bardugo is returning to the Grishaverse? And she’s writing about Nikolai Lanstov, aka Sturmhond, aka the sexily sly and uncomfortably magical king of Ravka? AND characters from the Six of Crows novels are coming along for the ride? Say no more, I am thoroughly sold! If King of Scars is even half as witty, shadowed, nasty, and thought-provoking as Bardugo’s previous work, I’m already anticipating one of my favorite reads of the new year.

TV Moment? Game of Thrones: the final season. What can I say? It’s Game of Thrones, the most defining series of this decade. I’m sad, nervous, but also thrilled to see what the end will bring. Quality-wise, Game of Thrones has been a rollercoaster. But for viewers, it’s become a bonding force, uniting fans of political fantasy and dragons in an identity as powerful as any older fandom. This spring, GOT-heads will finally learn the answers to years of questions — and start speculating as to the rest. (Like what does this all mean for George R.R. Martin’s books??) Bittersweet it will be, but hey, I’m a Game of Thrones fan. I’m used to that kind of thing.

Fannish Highlight? The debut of Disney+. A dedicated Disney streaming service was always an inevitability. This year, theory finally becomes reality. Digital streaming is a crowded field, but so what? Disney+ stomps onto the scene armed with the entertainment giant’s classic back catalogue, plus new (and long-hoped-for) series to hook fans like me. Star Wars finally gets the live-action TV treatment with The Mandalorian. Central Marvel characters like Loki will star in dedicated series. And who knows what the future will bring? Yes, this is all part of Disney’s plan of corporate cultural domination. But if the product plays as promised, I for one will welcome our new Mouse-eared overlords.

Natalie Fisher – @nataliefisher

Movie Release? While the film release I’m most invested in is, of course, Avengers: Endgame, I’d say that feeling is closer to dread than anticipation. At this point, I just want it to be over so I know how long a Steve Rogers mourning period I’m going to have to carve out time for. So in terms of pure excitement, the movie I’m counting down to in 2019 is Downton Abbey. While I always shed plenty of tears during Downton Abbey, the period drama is an enjoyable, escapist catharsis. I was a Downton devotee for its 6-season run, and I miss it so much. I cannot wait to catch up with my old friends the Crawleys and their household staff, and I might even be holding out a little bit of hope that the movie undoes the disappointing marriage between Lady Mary and Henry Talbot and kicks off the endgame of my OTP, Mary and Tom. Of course, I want as much Maggie Smith as I can possibly get, and I’m hoping that Rob-James Collier – who played the nasty, but ultimately loyal, gay footman Thomas Barrow – will return so we can see how he’s going as butler in the wake of Carson’s retirement. I’m also keen to see what kind of characters that new additions (and some of my favorite British actors) Tuppence Middleton of Sense8, Stephen Campbell Moore of The History Boys, and Harry Potter’s Imelda Staunton. The excellent Geraldine James of Anne With An E is set to play Mary of Teck, making the Downton movie a royal affair – even more exciting for me.

Reading Experience? Speaking of royals, there’s a new novel coming out this May that I swear was written specifically for me. Like, I think the author actually scanned my brain while I was sleeping and created this story to tick every box I could ever possibly want from a reading experience. Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston is a contemporary queer romance – not quite YA, it deals with slightly older characters – that features a fictionalized First Son, Alex Claremont-Diaz, son of the next female President of the United States, falling in love with Henry George Edward Fox-Mountchristen-Windsor, the fictionalized present Prince of Wales. This is an enemies-to-lovers story, when the boys are forced to pretend to be best friends, and I am on fire at the thought of it. I love young royals, I love alternate histories, I love improbable gay romance. The only way this book could possibly be more up my strata is if it referenced the historical love letters between Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens – oh wait, it totally does that too. I know this because I have the ARC and searched Hamilton’s name to see if Alex, living in the White House, ever mentioned him, and oh boy, does he. I haven’t gotten to dive in yet, but I’m hoping against hope for a happy ending.

TV Moment? Two words. Good. Omens. Good Omens is the tale of an angel and demon who, bound together in friendship by centuries of commonality on Earth, go against their respective establishments to help stop Armageddon from occurring after the Antichrist has been born. First published in 1990, Good Omens is a collaborative effort between the late Sir Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman (the latter’s first novel) and it has become one of the most beloved books of the century for sci-fi and fantasy readers – it’s my favorite standalone novel, for sure. The journey from page to screen has been long and arduous, but in 2019, almost 30 years after it was first released, the world will meet Crowley and Aziraphale in the flesh, played by David Tennant and Michael Sheen. The 6 episode miniseries was written and showrun by Neil Gaiman, who undertook control of the project at Pratchett’s request, which means that what we see on screen will be an adaptation with the most completely wholehearted authorial intent possible – which is, in this case, exactly how it should be. It’s happening, you guys. It’s happening. I’ve seen footage myself and still can’t believe it’s actually happening.

Fannish Highlight? Keep your fingers crossed for me – if all goes according to plan, I’ll be traveling to the USA for two very special and important February events surrounding my two favorite TV shows. Supernatural is airing its milestone 300th episode on February 7, and while I recently attended The CW’s celebration to mark the episode’s production up in Vancouver, I’m holding out hope that there will also be an actual screening of the finished cut on or around the airdate – the show did a fan screening and panel for their 200th episode, so I’m hoping something similar occurs for this one. But even if it doesn’t, I still hope to travel to LA and celebrate the milestone with friends, before travelling on to New York for another major highlight – the Schitt’s Creek: Up Close & Personal tour. Schitt’s Creek pretty much saved my life in 2018 – more on that later – and it has quickly become one of the most important pieces of media in my life. I’ve already got tickets to the two NYC dates of the show’s live tour, which will feature panel discussions with the whole cast. No, I do not have flights yet. Yes, this is how I roll. Dan Levy, I’m coming at you with open arms, sobbing. Sorry about it.

Shana O’Neil – @geekgirldiva

Movie Release? Star Wars: Episode 9. As a Star Wars fan to the core, any Star Wars movie release immediately hits my #1. Add in tha it’s the end of the trilogy and will (hopefully) answer all of our questions and I’m IN.

Reading Experience? Star Wars: Master and Apprentice by Claudia Gray. Claudia Gray is already one of my favorite Star Wars authors thanks to Lost Stars. Plus her work on Leia and Bloodline make it clear that any dive she does into Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi will be well worth the read.

TV Moment? The Magicians. I’m not prepared but I’m SO READY. The Magicians has topped itself every season, so I’m anticipating season 4 like a kid in a candy store with a $20.

Fannish Highlight? Star Wars Celebration. Celebration is always a fantastic time in general but I’m specifically excited for the Clone Wars Saved panel at Celebration because I know they’ll show footage. Plus we’ll probably get an Episode 9 trailer and they’ll tell us more about The Mandalorian and the Cassian Andor series. It’s a good time to be a Star Wars fan.

What’s your most anticipated moment as a fan in 2019?

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