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Hypable Honors: ‘The Flash’ and ‘Eye Candy’ took it to the next level

This week’s selections for Hypable Honors hail from a pair of brand new series, even though at least one of them already feels like an old friend.

Eye Candy creeped into our lives with a stealthy, expert hand and we can hardly get enough. Its first season may have wrapped this past week, but we may not have seen the last of it. On the other hand, The Flash still has some episodes left, but “Out of Time” felt like so much more than a lead up to the finale. We are incredibly grateful that there’s still more to come in season 1, but we were definitely not spared emotionally.

With no further ado, please check out this week’s selections for Hypable Honors.

Hypable Honors

Ryan Cooper Eye Candy Jake Bolin

Show: ‘Eye Candy’

Actor: Ryan Cooper

Jake has been nothing but normal for the last nine episodes. Sure, we’ve suspected him here and there, but overall he’s had a lid on his true personality for pretty much the entire season. That is, until episode 9 when we found out he was the Flirtual Killer, and finally in episode 10 when he showed us his true colors.

Actor Ryan Cooper certainly doesn’t hold back. The once perfectly put together and confident Jake Bolin is now a raging psychopath. This is displayed in detail in the scene above, which shows him at his most manic. He’s sending Lindy off to save her dying best friend, and he thinks he’s doing her a favor. He wants her to reenact the scene where she lost her sister, only this time, he expects her to save her friend. In doing so, Lindy will become whole, and she’ll finally be perfect — meaning she’ll finally be perfect for him.

Cooper changes his inflections, his mannerisms, his swagger, and just about everything else we’ve gotten used to over the course of Eye Candy season 1. It isn’t just in the dialogue that Jake has changed, but in his actions as well. (Didn’t that scene with the mirror make you want to simultaneously laugh and shiver in horror at the same time?) Cooper has the ability to go from one extreme to the other like he simply just turns a switch on and off, and we kind of wouldn’t mind if he showed back up if we get a season 2.

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The Flash season 1 Cisco Ramon Carlos Valdes

Show: ‘The Flash’

Actor: Carlos Valdes

This week’s episode of The Flash raised the stakes for the show, and for each of its characters in a crazy, intense fashion. We could easily have chosen any number of them for this week’s Hypable Honors, but there’s one that stands out among the crowd. Cisco Ramon had his world pretty thoroughly rocked by a man he considered his mentor, and that barely even begins to scratch the surface of the situation’s intensity.

There’s just something about the funny man breaking down into tears that makes it stick in your mind and your heart. This week, that is exactly what most Flash fans felt when Cisco Ramon discovered the lengths that his hero, mentor, and friend, Harrison Wells, had gone to for his own nefarious purposes.

We’ve begun to count on Carlos Valdes to bring us the funny, quirky guy, the one that names their metahuman adversaries and can make jokes about Barry being ‘too fast’ when it comes to dating. It’s easy to overlook the skill it takes to diffuse those tense situations, especially when he makes it look so simple. All that simplicity was overshadowed by the horror and complete melancholy that was plastered all over Cisco’s face when he learned a whole lot of truth.

The Flash simply wouldn’t be the same without Cisco Ramon, and our worry has skyrocketed with the future of his character up in the air after the events of “Out of Time.” We are desperately hoping that this new time-traveling Barry can do something about it, because we honestly can’t imagine the show without him.

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