11:30 am EDT, December 6, 2014

Hypable Honors: ‘Once Upon a Time’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ reign supreme

This week’s chosen recipients for Hypable Honors show that no matter how long you have to develop a character, incredible strength and growth are possible.

Mid-season finales bring with them some truly remarkable performances, and this week’s selections are just two fine examples. An actress from The Walking Dead that has been around for a long time and a fresh face on Once Upon a Time truly stood out this week and made us take notice.

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Hypable Honors

Once Upon A Time OUAT Anna Frozen Elizabeth Lail

Show: ‘Once Upon a Time’

Actor: Elizabeth Lail

Whether you love, hate, or love to hate the Frozen storyline on Once Upon a Time, so far this season there is one truth that cannot be denied: they aced their casting of Anna. Elizabeth Lail has done a brilliant job of harnessing the quirk and energy of Anna without making her a caricature of the girl we fell in love with from Frozen.

It’s not easy to take an animated character as energetic as Anna and accurately create a live version without taking it over the top. Elizabeth Lail has managed to walk that line with precision and keep Anna a hopeful, lively character that we can root for.

In this past Sunday’s episode of Once Upon a Time, Elizabeth Lail got a chance to show a version of Anna that has lost all hope and abandoned her never-give-up spirit. Watching her become dejected enough to give up was heartbreaking, and it was only topped by seeing her joyous reunion with her sister moments later. Beloved characters like Anna are a tough line to tread, but when a woman as talented as Elizabeth Lail takes them on, you can trust they are in safe hands.

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The Walking Dead Emily Kinney Beth Greene

Show: ‘The Walking Dead’

Actor: Emily Kinney

Since her debut in The Walking Dead season 2, episode 2, “Bloodletting,” Beth Greene has from time to time been a basket case, a calm spirit in the storm, an absolute asset to the group, and a nurturing presence for those younger than her. Beth’s journey from season 2 to season 5 has been remarkable to watch.

No character on The Walking Dead has made such a dramatic transformation as Beth Greene. From suicidal farm girl to feisty hostage, Emily Kinney has been an absolute asset to the show. Her character has progressed into an inspiring young woman that, even completely out of her element, can learn to adapt and survive without losing the things that make her unique.

No single character was left untouched by her spirit, and when the show returns in the spring, we expect to see many of them struggle to accept the tragic demise of their sister, confidant, and friend. Beth Greene was more than just another weak girl. She learned to be strong and to stand up for herself in a completely inhospitable world. We will miss Beth, and the brilliant actress who played her, for many seasons to come.

Via: tumblr

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