It’s the most wonderful time of year: A new season of television is upon us, and Hypable’s gearing up to cover all your favorites.

We’re looking for a batch of new writers to cover particular fandoms for their community.

What does it mean to be a Hypable writer? Writers are volunteers who write about the fandoms they love. They are passionate and driven to cover the news for their fellow fans in a timely manner.

– 30 Rock
– Bones
– Dexter
– Modern Family
– Legend of Korra
– Walking Dead
– Pretty Little Liars
– New Normal
– Revenge
– Big Bang Theory
– Gossip Girl

Why write for Hypable?
We have a fun group of team members writing for us. A really fun group. You’ll be a part of a team who love writing about their fandoms and are just as driven as you are. We have a private online community where we talk and collaborate around the clock. In there, you’ll get to know your fellow writers well. Besides a great team you’ll also have the opportunity to have your work seen by tens of thousands of people around the world. It’s amazing resume material, and your dedication may open up other opportunities on Hypable and in the entertainment industry!

Writer requirements
Hypable writers must have a strong command of the English language. You are responsible for writing clearly, accurately, and with your own voice.

Hypable has strict writing guidelines to keep the site fun while also maintaining professionalism and order. A comprehensive list of guidelines will be given to you if you are accepted, and we’ll send you through a writer’s orientation to show you how we do things. We are also very insistent on following search engine optimization guidelines in order to ensure your content is seen by as many people on the Internet as possible.

One of the most important things you must know ahead of time: We have a 200-word minimum policy per post. We have a 300-word minimum for big news stories. We insist you only apply if you have the time to write 200-word (bare minimum!) posts and can continue covering all important news in your fandom. Don’t get too scared off, though. We have tips for how to easily expand your posts.

How to apply
In an e-mail to [email protected], please include…

– Your name, age, and location (these factors won’t determine your eligibility).
– Up to four of the above fandoms you’d be willing to cover. If you’re accepted, we will only assign you two or three.
– Why you have the time to cover these fandoms.
– Why you will make a great Hypable writer. We want to hear about your education and past experience, if any!
– Include examples of your previous work, if available.

Thanks for your time, and if accepted you’ll hear from us in a week! Please apply by Saturday, September 15.

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