The Hunger Games studio has received offers from theme parks to create lands inspired by the book to film adaptation of the Suzanne Collins trilogy.

During a conference call this morning, Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer was asked what areas of Hunger Games merchandise have performed best. It was during that question Feltheimer said that they have been approached about creating Hunger Games theme parks in “two territories” and were “considering those possibilities,” according to Variety. There was no further elaboration.

The offer of a Hunger Games theme park naturally comes in response to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s huge success in Orlando. The land is currently receiving a Diagon Alley-themed expansion which will open next year.

It’s not clear if it was Disney, Universal, or another theme park company who has came to Lionsgate with the ideas. Given the film franchise’s major influence on pop culture right now, it’s only natural that theme parks would consider the idea and try to obtain rights. We suspect that Disney and Universal are the only two companies who have a chance at making the idea a reality.

The problem with a Hunger Games theme park, however, is that the dystopian world isn’t family friendly. The story’s world is run down, cruel, and dark. The only way this could be spun into a positive atmosphere in a theme park is if it focused on the Capitol. Perhaps plans have been drawn up for half of the park to be upbeat and set in the Capitol and the other half to be run down and set in District 12.

Then there’s the question of what rides could exist in a Hunger Games land. There are very few concepts in the story that would lend themselves to a ride that fans would want to experience. A spin on the Catching Fire cornucopia? A trip down into the mines? A walk through of President Snow’s home? A ride on the bullet trains? None of these sound like big attractions.

Whether or not a park comes to life, the concept(s) are still in very early days. This idea may never happen.

Elsewhere in the movie-to-park adaptation world.. Disney is currently developing an Avatar land at Orlando’s Animal Kingdom based on the movie series by James Cameron. They are also working on a Star Wars land to time with their new trilogy hitting theaters beginning December 2015. At the start of this year we heard light rumors of a Hobbit land in the works at Universal.

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