Playing off the wild success of The Hunger Games, it was announced today that American television network The CW ordered a new reality show pitting contestants against each other to capture one another.

The Hunt is a month-long competition pitting twelve teams of two against one another in an arena without food, shelter, or water. There’s no killing, obviously. The teams must capture each other.

While this sounds like a neat idea, the missing risk of death isn’t our only main issue. How is the competition going to last a month? In theory the teams should be able to capture each other within a week realistically. A month sounds like a very long time.

This show, like most reality programs, already sounds like it’s going to be heavily planned out. Nonetheless, we’ll give it a shot because it has the vibes of a new spin on CBS’ wildly popular Survivor.

The CW could totally play into The Hunger Games if they wanted to. They could have a crowd of people always partying and watching via televisions placed elsewhere. They could have a President ruling over the contestants. They could have an introduction ceremony made up of lots of fanfare and people on fire. Hey, why not?

Will you watch this ‘Hunger Games’ style reality show?

Meanwhile, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is currently being shot in Hawaii and will open November 22, 2013.

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