10:15 am EST, January 8, 2014

Hulu releases excellent collegiate ‘Community’ character posters

Hulu has released several hilarious Community character posters celebrating Greendale Community College’s incompetence.

Remember those “read a book” or motivational posters that always hung up in your high school or college library? Yeah, this new batch of Community posters, as produced by Hulu for Community season 5, is what would hang in the halls of a school as incompetent as Greendale.

They’re like recruitment posters gone horribly wrong.

community-hulu-promos-abed community-hulu-promos-annie community-hulu-promos-britta community-hulu-promos-chang community-hulu-promos-shirley community-hulu-promos-troytumblr_myumr4FuvK1r9a32bo1_500

The posters were uploaded to Hulu’s Community Tumblr tag, which is actually a gold mine of Community photos.

The hilariously pessimistic nature of the posters show that someone at Hulu is definitely watching Community season 5. The lack of the Greendale Gang’s collegiate accomplishments in highlighted perfectly, just like Jeff did in the first episode of season 5.

Our favorite posters are Troy and Chang’s. Both characters have gone through the most ridiculous transformations through five seasons. Troy came to Greendale as a star Quarterback and is now a fifth year air conditioner repair student at a community college. And Chang was once a mildly successful Spanish teacher but has now molded into an insane creature that can only be described as “Chang-ian.”

Hulu airs new episodes of Community the day after they air on Thursdays on NBC. The latest five episodes are available to anyone and the full series is available to Hulu Plus users.

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