In a world where everyone wants to be a Gryffindor like Harry, a Slytherin like Draco or a Ravenclaw like Luna, it seems that no one really wants to be a Hufflepuff. It’s not the popular choice, and those of us who are proud of our Hufflepuff housing have to deal with a lot of flack.

We’ve all had that conversation at one point in our lives: Which house are you? Ever since the Harry Potter series took off everyone has had an idea of what house they belong in. Then as the Internet got bigger, more quizzes started popping up telling you what your ideal house would be. Finally, Pottermore arrived.

With the arrival of an official sorting quiz millions have gone online to figure out what their house is. For many it was exactly what they thought it would be; for some it was a disappointment. But it seems that, for some, there was no bigger disappointment than finding out that you are a Hufflepuff.

But you know what? Being a Hufflepuff is amazing! We’re amazing people and our house is filled with smart, brave, cunning, creative individuals. For some reason, though, our friends don’t seem to get that.

We’ve made a list of all the things Huffelpuffs have to deal with whenever we say which house we belong in, to show the Hogwarts population of the Internet that sometimes being a Hufflepuff is harder than it sounds.

You instantly get a look of ‘…ew, really?’

People think you’re not being serious.

You’re suddenly less kick-ass in the eyes of your Slytherin friends.

You get linked to this video. Every. Damn. Time.

Everyone expects you to find their shit.

You also hear ‘What the HELL is a Hufflepuff’ more often than you care to count.

You have to tell people of any noteworthy Hufflepuffs in order to make your house sound cooler.

No matter what you say, your friends will still think Hufflepuff sucks, but you don’t care.

You’re always trying to explain how Hufflepuff has the best qualities of every house.

People think you’re in the ‘leftovers’ house.

When you tell people that Hufflepuff has an adorable name in French (Poufsouffle), people think it’s even more terrible.

You have to constantly remind people that honey badgers don’t give a crap.

Yellow and black don’t go with ANYTHING.

Whenever you DO wear yellow and black people just think you’re a sports fan from Pittsburgh.

A bunch of Hufflepuffs you know try to say that they’re really a Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw hybrid. No, HuffleClaw is NOT a thing. Nor is a Gryffinpuff, or a Slytherpuff.

When your Slytherin friends have kids they say things like ‘Man, I really hope my boys aren’t Hufflepuffs’

But in the end, you know that you and your fellow Hufflepuffs will always be unrecognized BAMFs.

What Hufflepuff struggles have you encountered?

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