Horace Slughorn once said, “Killing rips the soul apart. It’s a violation against nature.” However, in How to Get Away With Murder, killing is part of the job description.

I have a feeling that if the old, batty, potions professor had even an inkling of the goings-on in Annalise Keating’s law office, the horrible truth would have a better chance at killing him than a bottle of poisoned mead.

It is considered reputable fandom law that one both knows and understands which Hogwarts House they belong to. Keeping this in mind, since the characters in How to Get Away With Murder tend to dabble in their own sort of Dark Arts, I thought it would be fun to place each of them in their own magical houses.

Annalise Keating

Annalise is strong. She always has a game plan in a sticky situation. However, what makes Annalise unique is that her plans aren’t necessarily premeditated. She thinks on her toes by analyzing every possible outcome and choosing the best course of action. She refuses to take bullshit and tries her best to protect as many people as possible. Sometimes her savior complex ends up hurting those she is trying to shield, but if anyone takes damage the most, it is herself. She is bold, she is fierce, and she pushes and stands up for the underdog. For her gall and her ferocity, I have sorted Annalise Keating into…


Wes Gibbins

Loyalty such as Wes’ doesn’t come around often. The amount of times he has put a friend or loved one before himself is sheer proof of his affectionate nature. He is unconditionally caring and optimistic. Sometimes his willingness to see the best in others blinds him to the truth. However, Wes finds searching for someone’s weakness rather than their strength to be a disservice to his character. Wes follows his heart; it drives him where he needs to go. It tells him right from wrong and sometimes gets him into deep amounts of trouble as he seeks to be true to himself. Due to his warmth, his benevolence, and his blind faith, I have placed Wes in…


Laurel Castillo

I have already written an entire article about my deep love for Laurel. Laurel is cunning; she is a silent killer. Unlike Annalise, she is pre-meditative. What makes Laurel dangerous is that she isn’t the person you would expect to have a scheme up her sleeve. Although the reality is that Laurel already knows which steps to take in order to get ahead in the game. But Laurel isn’t all cold-blooded. She has a strong sense of self and deep empathy toward those who, like herself, have darkness in their past. All of this and more, including her drive, her ambition, and allegiance, leaves Laurel in…


Connor Walsh

If anyone in the Keating 5 were to cause a Hatstall, it would be Connor Walsh. One of the most complex male characters in How to Get Away With Murder, the many levels that make up this boy stumped me as I tried to place him in his Hogwarts House. On the surface, Connor is an ass to the max. He objectifies, he is careless, and he is crude. However, as the show has progressed, we have learned that underneath it all, Connor is a person who carries deep pain within himself. He has a deep desire for companionship, he is devoted to those who are closest to him, and he would sacrifice his own erroneous behaviors in order to ensure his future relationships. To me, Connor is daring, his fears make him real, and his vulnerability makes him a…


On page 2: Michaela, Asher, Bonnie, and Frank get sorted

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