9:30 am EDT, October 21, 2016

‘How to Get Away with Murder’ 3×05 review: Origin story

How to Get Away with Murder definitely threw us some curve balls last night. We got a glimpse into Frank’s past, and learned a surprise about Michaela.

For much of last night’s episode, it was situation normal. Annalise continues to have serious problems with alcoholic binges, the Keating 5 are still trying to find some sort of normal life, and everyone’s personal life is a different form of screwed up.

On the other hand, there were some things we never thought we’d see. Bonnie and Frank ending up in each other’s arms. Who saw that coming? Plus, Michaela being the daughter of bayou white trash was not on most people’s radar.

Frank’s roots

We finally got some insight as to why Frank would kill for Sam. The answer was in Sam rescuing a very messed up Frank from the never ending jail sentence that Frank thought he deserved. Despite Sam’s later denial to Annalise, Frank was that son figure that Sam wanted, and Sam was the father figure that Frank needed.

Happy couple

Through Annalise’s alcoholic haze, we learn that the baby Annalise lost was one of many. She and Sam had trouble getting pregnant, and there was at least one miscarriage prior to the child they lost. If it wasn’t clear before, it is now. Annalise’s lost children are the root of her dysfunction, and Wes and the Keating 5 are her surrogate children today.

Stalker revealed

After an epic verbal emasculation by Michaela, we learn that Drake is the sneaky little weasel who has been plastering campus with the “Killer Annalise” signs. It was cool yet sad to see Oliver slip more deeply down the rabbit hole as he hacked Drake’s computer revealing this information. We had vintage Annalise telling Drake what his fate could be.

Fronnie? Brank? Is this even a ship?

As Frank and Bonnie talk in the dark about running away together for a simpler life, it’s easy to see that they both just want some sort of normal life for the first time in their lives. The difference between them and the Keating 5 is only the level of clawing out of where they came from. On a scale of 1-10 on how messed up Bonnie and Frank’s childhoods were, we’re calling it a solid 10 for the both of them. Even the most screwed up of the Keating 5 is a seven at worst.

Frank and Bonnie find comfort in each other’s arms, which for the moment we see as a friends-with-benefits emotional one-timer. Don’t get us wrong, we think it could happen again, but neither Frank nor Bonnie is going to be vulnerable with each other in broad daylight to take the plunge. Their picket-fence pipe dream is going to remain just that — a dream.

Wes and Laurel

Wes admits his deep feelings for Laurel, and that Meggie really wasn’t what he was looking for. So, does this rapidly progress with Wes being the father of Laurel’s child, or does Frank come back into the picture?

It’s almost like we are only allowed one healthy relationship at a time on this show. Last season we had Coliver, and now that they’ve broken up, Wes and Laurel seem to be the replacement. Wes still thinks they are so messed up, but this one has the makings of something normal.

In the clear

We now know that Michaela isn’t under the sheet, but we still have two more victims to be revealed. We don’t know who was under the sheet, and we don’t know which unidentified male was in the house with Laurel.

What did you think of Frank’s ‘HTGAWM’ origin story?

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