2013 will be a big year for Howard Stern. He’s been offered a role with an Academy Award-winning actor. Accepting the role would force him to step away from his role as an America’s Got Talent judge. He’s unsure which he wants to do.

On his radio show this morning, Howard Stern revealed that he has been offered a role in a movie with an unnamed Academy Award-winning actor:

I just got offered a movie. I want to do it, but if I do another season of “America’s Got Talent” then I can’t do the movie. It’s me with this guy, I don’t want to say who it is or what the project is, because you’re not allowed to do that for some reason, but this dude’s an Academy Award winner, like, a major guy. Just me and him basically, and we’d actually be a good team I think.

Thanks, Examiner.

A movie that stars Howard Stern would probably be enjoyable, but we think he should stay in his current role of “America’s judge” on America’s Got Talent. This past season Stern served the much needed voice of reason that focused on making sure the most talent acts got through when Howie Mandel tried to push through less talented acts that he thought were funny.

If Howard Stern does chose to leave America’s Got Talent in favor of this film, the judging panel would have only one of its three judges from last season remaining. Sharon Osbourne announced in August that she would be stepping down from her judging position.

Howard Stern does have previous movie experience, although it is limited. Stern played himself in his (auto) biopic Private Parts. He also played a small role in the film Ryder P.I. Private Parts is available on Netflix streaming.

Would you prefer Howard Stern stay on ‘AGT’ or accept a movie role?

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