3:45 pm EDT, October 6, 2015

How will Edward Cullen handle being a girl? And other important ‘Life and Death’ questions

#Millennial's Laura and Elysa have some questions about the new Twilight

Dear Stephenie Meyer,

Today we heard you’ve released a gender-swapped version of Twilight. While this seems a fascinating expose on gender norms in literature, it still begs more questions than it answers. Namely, how long did it take to find:replace thousands of pronouns in Microsoft Word?

As hosts of the old Twilight podcast Imprint, and current hosts of #Millennial, we have a few other questions that desperately need answering:

  1. Renesme? Edythe? Do Twilight characters get their names from whatever pattern emerges from your spilled alphabet soup?

  2. If a sperm falls in a frozen uterus, does it make a sound? Or a baby?

  3. Assuming a vampire-fetus does manage to plant itself in Bella’s tundra womb, how much dental work will human Edward need when he rips it out with his teeth?
  4. Does a penis go flaccid inside an ice vagina?

  5. So Jacob’s a chick. Will (s)he still walk around shirtless 98.6% of the story? To keep things realistic, how many cat-calls did you add?

  6. Will Charlie walk Edward down the aisle? Will he threaten Bella with his shotgun? If yes — can we suggest you have him pull the trigger this time?

  7. When vampire-Bella hears Edward is dead, will she, too, fail to check her sources before resorting to suicide?

  8. Is Bella also going to mistake a wedding proposal as consolation for not getting laid?
  9. When female Jacob falls in love with the (undisclosed existence of) tundra!baby, will the dramatic close-up of her face be any less creepy?

  10. For the 20th anniversary, can you author-swap with Shakespeare so everyone learns to express their emotions with actual words and not just sullen glares?

  11. Thanks,
    Laura at #Millennial

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