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‘How To Get Away with Murder’ season 3: Let the speculation begin

Last week’s How to Get Away with Murder season 2 finale ended with one hell of a bang. We figured we should probably kick off the speculation now and maybe we’ll have it all figured out by next September.

So, if you haven’t seen How to Get Away with Murder season 2’s finale, you should definitely check that out before you peek at the rest of this article. The final moments are the best of the episode and you should go into them as unspoiled as possible.

Okay, so, assuming everyone still reading has seen the episode, what did you think of those final moments? Did you expect Wes and his newly discovered father to have a moment and start a relationship? Or did you see Wallace Mahoney’s death coming the whole time?

We definitely didn’t expect it to happen so soon, but we probably should have. This is How to Get Away with Murder after all. And if they’re going to get away with murder, there’s got to be a murder in the first place.

Here are our top suspects for Wallace Mahoney’s killer. Some make total sense, and some we just think would be unexpected, but would shake a lot of things up on a show that is never content with the status quo.

Who killed Wallace Mahoney?

Eve Rothlow

How to Get Away with Murder season 2 Eve Rothlow edit

Eve knows everything that went on during the Mahoney case. Annalise had few others she could confide in, so Eve definitely knows the most about the events of those few months. When Annalise learned that Frank played a role in bringing about the car crash that took the life of her unborn child, we may not have seen her call Eve, but she very well may have.

Since we know that Wes went into New York City to find his father, and Eve is the only character on this show that lives in the city, it isn’t a total stretch to believe she may have fired the shot. We don’t know much about what kind of gun killed him, but as Wallace Mahoney died on the sidewalk in NYC, there are a lot of vantage points somewhat nearby for her to fire from. She wouldn’t have had to be an expert marksman in the slightest.

Nate Lahey

How to Get Away with Murder Nate Lahey

He has always protected Annalise, and we don’t doubt that if he learned that Wallace Mahoney was ultimately responsible for Annalise losing a child, he would want to end that man. His restraint has always been good when it comes to actually killing people, but when faced with someone that killed one of Annalise’s loved ones, he may just finally cross that line. We know that as a police officer, he knows how to fire a gun, so delivering a fatal shot from a hidden location nearby is no stretch as far as his skills are concerned.

Mr. Castillo or another member of Laurel’s family

How to Get Away with Murder season 2 episode 13 Something Bad Happened HTGAWM 2x13 Laurel Castillo Carla Sousa

Laurel and Frank went through a lot this season in regards to their relationship, and her learning about Frank’s murderous deed caused her to compare him to her father. Clearly the Castillo family has some murderers in their closet, or at least some violent criminals. We can’t imagine the show brought them up in discussion for no reason.

Laurel mentioned her family’s past more than a few times, so we can totally see them getting involved somehow. Mahoney is clearly a man willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Maybe he crossed the wrong family in a totally unrelated incident and found himself on the wrong side of a Castillo family gun. There are definitely crazier ideas out there.


How to Get Away with Murder season 2 Frank Charlie Weber

Let’s face facts: Frank is already a murderer. He killed Lila back in How to Get Away with Murder season 1, and that fact drove a wedge between him and Laurel this season. In addition to losing the woman he had grown very much in love with, he lost the job that had become most of his life over the last few years.

He may have decided that he had nothing more to lose, and punishing the guy that caused it all would be well worth the trouble it might bring. We have no idea where Frank went or what he has planned once he left his apartment, so it’s entirely possible he fired the bullet that ended Wallace Mahoney.

Who do you think killed Wallace Mahoney on ‘How to Get Away with Murder?’

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