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‘How to Get Away With Murder’ season 2, episode 1 recap: Didn’t see that coming

How to Get Away With Murder just aired their season 2 premiere. Now we know who murdered Rebecca.

Earlier this week, we came up with five questions we wanted the answer to this season. Well, both number one and number three got answered, but now we have a whole lot of other questions!

Time lapse

Season 2 picks up 10 days after the events of season 1, A.K.A the murder of Rebecca Sutter. The fact that Rebecca is missing/dead is weighing on everyone’s mind depending upon how much they know. Frank aptly sums up the tension as, “It’s frickin’ Lord of the Flies out there.”


In a major 180 from last year, Connor is showing maturity, and he wants to be with Oliver in a committed relationship. He knows the risks involved since Oliver is HIV positive, and is taking precautions. Oliver is the one with doubts, not understanding why Connor wants to put himself at risk to be with him. Connor prevails and ends up moving in. He is there for the long haul.

New lawyer in town

Famke Janssen of X-Men fame is the new lawyer in town, and she wants to find out how Nate ended up with her phone number. She’s a famous death penalty defense attorney by the name of Eve Rothwell. Annalise gave her number to Nate last season, but for reasons not immediately known, Annalise doesn’t want to participate in Nate’s defense. These two clearly have history, but what that history is, we are at first left to guess.

Eve and Nate don’t exactly hit it off. Nate is suspicious, and manages to uncover that Annalise and Eve were classmates at Harvard. When Eve goes to leave town, it’s clear that she and Annalise were once great friends, but something in the past ruined their relationship. Eve doesn’t want to get sucked down the toxic hole that is the Annalise drama again, especially since Annalise set Nate up.

It’s confession time, and Annalise shows up on Eve’s door. Over drinks, Annalise tries to apologize to Eve, who we learn is Annalise’s ex-lover. Annalise dumped Eve for Sam, who was then her therapist. Can we all say, “Wha Wha What?!” Sparks fly, and the relationship shows clear signs of rekindling. Wow, we never saw this one coming!

They don’t make henchmen/henchwomen like they used to

Frank is concerned that Wes killed Rebecca because Wes is Googling dead Jane Does. Annalise is deadfire sure that Wes didn’t do it, and questions why Frank is keen to pin it on Wes. She wonders if in fact Frank may have done it himself, and tries to get him to spill, stating, “I won’t be mad that you did it. I’ll just be mad that you’re lying.” He and Annalise end up setting up a cover story for Rebecca’s whereabouts. If Wes goes to confirm the story, they know he’s innocent. A guilty man wouldn’t check out the whereabouts of someone he knows is dead.

Stealing the new case

At first, no one seems that into stealing a new case: Two children have supposedly murdered their rich, adoptive parents in cold blood. In between getting on each others’ nerves, the team finally manages to jeopardize the sibling murder case with their usual underhanded and barely legal tactics. Of course, they end up getting the case, and it looks like the son actually did it. What’s more, he’s now added his aunt to the chain of victims. And is it just us, or does he have the hots for his sister? Can we all say, “EWWWW!!!!!”

Lovers and other strangers

Asher and Bonnie as well as Frank and Laurel continue to play their dance of who is in control, and who is manipulating who. It’s really hard to tell who is ultimately playing the game the best, and who is going to get hurt and how. Asher is merely stupidly immature, but Laurel is too stupidly smart for her own good.

As long as we are talking weird relationships, what is going on between Annalise and Wes? Is he her long lost son or what? Why does he get a pass on being a jackass in class? Why does she care about his feelings? Why, why, why?

In the end, who saw murderess Bonnie coming, and more importantly, is it a prerequisite to be a cold blooded killer to be on Annalise’s senior staff?

Dumbass move of the day

Michaela can’t let well enough alone and texts “hi” to whoever received the “Eggs 911. Lawyer’s house.” message. The recipient texts back later that day while she’s on the dance floor and her bag is unguarded. Anyone want to make a bet that her purse gets stolen?

Biggest WTF moment

Annalise takes the students clubbing, and the next thing we know there is a flash-forward two months. Annalise has been shot, and we see Wes running from where we are led to believe is Annalise’s location. This season’s mystery is who shot JR…er…Who shot Annalise, and does she live?

What was your biggest OMG moment this ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ premiere?

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