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‘How to Get Away with Murder’ 2×06 recap: Mischievous misdirection

How How to Get Away With Murder season 2, episode 6 has aired, and that means we are just about half-way through this year’s season, and Annalise Keating is as manipulative as ever.

One of the things you have to love, or even love-to-hate about How to Get Away With Murder, is how it comes up with these Law and Order type of “ripped from the headlines” hot-button issues, and then spins a tale where nothing is black and white. No one is purely good or evil. It’s hard to say who has either the moral high or low ground.

This week’s case

Annalise’s colleague’s transgendered wife killed her husband in self-defense, but then she stages the scene because she is afraid that no one will believe her. Add to this the fact that their relationship was supposedly a long-standing, physically abusive one that no one knew about.

We’re kind of torn. It was great to see a transgendered story that wasn’t centered on transitioning, trans-bashing, or coming out. There was some frank discussion of abuse, and how no one really knows what goes on inside anyone else’s home. At the same time, given Annalise’s win at all costs mentality, we are wondering if a murderer was just set free.

Flashforward frenzy

In our leading up to the season break reveal, we learn a little more about the night that Annalise was attacked. We can now add Catherine Hapstall to the body count, sort of. Frank is in charge of dumping Catherine. The catch is that we later find out Catherine is very much alive. Why was she left presumably drugged and blood-spattered in the woods. Is this to set Catherine up as an attempted murderer?

There’s also the question about the level of Asher’s involvement. Was he set up as the attacker? Is Bonnie covering her own ass, Asher’s ass, or everyone’s collective ass (now, there’s an image you don’t have everyday) as she lies to Asher, sneaks into a roadside bathroom, and dumps her bloody blouse. It’s a good thing she favors dark suits, or she’d have bigger problems.

Mentor-student relationships

Once again we are amazed at the back and forth levels of manipulation interlaced with real affection, and dare we say love, when talking about Frank and Laurel, as well as Bonnie and Asher. Frank actually is letting his guard down with Laurel by bringing her to meet the extras from the cast of Goodfellas his traditional Italian-American family. Bonnie and Asher, on the other hand, are going around and around in sad, puppy-dog eyed emo circles.

Coliver complcations

Connor’s continued drinking and moodiness may be the least of their problems. Oilver is now addicted to the hacking for Annalise. It’s the adrenaline rush. His info helps the Hapstall case by uncovering a secret cousin who might have killed everyone to inherit the Hapstall fortune. Downside, this secret cousin’s hacking skills are better than Ollie’s. It’s all fun and games until a pissed off, secret heir shows up on your doorstep.

Time to put the big boy pants on

As Annalise points out, Asher is still the most immature of the students. He’ll just have to get over wanting his cake and eating it too, because the only way Annalise can get the D.A. and in turn the assistant D.A. Emily Sinclair off her back is to hand them Asher’s father as a juicier prosecution.

If Daddy going down in a corruption scandal, resulting in Asher being disowned, doesn’t make him grow up, the fact that Bonnie is going to learn all about the mysterious Tiffany and Trotter Lake will. Emily Sinclair could by lying about the gang rape, but we’re thinking she’s telling the truth this time.


So where is this going?

Of course we have some unconnected tidbits that we don’e know what to make of yet. Michaela is adopted. Laurel may be interested in Michaela. Caleb definitely has his eyes on Michaela, and Michaela gravitates toward unhealthy relationships like most people gravitate toward an open jar of Nutella.

Lastly, Annalise still has this creepy, sexualized, mother fixation on Wes. Annalise has done extensive background research on all of her team, but she seems to have a very extensive dossier on Wes. Run, Wes! Run now!

Which ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ character do you think is the most messed up?

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