How should ‘Sleepy Hollow’ end?

7:30 pm EDT, April 5, 2016

The final episode, possibly ever, of Sleepy Hollow will premiere this week and there are still so many things up in the air. Given the show’s low chance of being renewed, this is how I want to see it go.

Whenever your favorite show is on the cusp of being cancelled, you’re going to be worried about how the series ends. Sometimes in cases like Glee, Charmed, and Fringe, the show will get an advanced notice that it’s going to be on its last season so they have an opportunity to finish the story properly. But in other cases, like Firefly and Pushing Daisies, the show doesn’t get that chance and the story suffers because of it.

Because Sleepy Hollow took forever to get renewed for a third season and the fact that the showrunner was replaced, I’m hoping it means they knew their chances of being renewed again were slim, so they opted to finish the story as best as they could while they still had the chance.

Leaving the end open is something I think the show will have to do regardless, because they may still get renewed. They’ll have to keep the option open for a good story. But that said, there are a few plots we need to finish.

The Hidden One needs to hide again

While the story with The Hidden One is cool and all, I really won’t be interested in a fourth season if he’s the main antagonist. He’s kind of boring and a do-nothing, and after he gets his power, there’s really no reason for the show to stay around because if he keeps it we all know he’s going to destroy everything.

In order for the show to last another season, it must find a way to get past The Hidden One arc, and the only way to do that is to kill him in this final episode. I really hope that they succeed in doing that, and if they don’t, then I hope it ends with a bang. Like, I’m talking about I want everyone dead. If the show isn’t going to come back, that’s how it should go. …at least in terms of the whole Hidden One plot.


Ezra Mills needs to explain everything

As I’ve suspected, Ezra Mills came out to Jenny with the information that he’s known about the supernatural this whole time. He has everything to do with Sheriff Corbin and Nevins, has known them for years and has been hiding all of this from his two daughters the whole time.

If the show isn’t going to continue, I’ll need at least a solid 10 minute scene with Ezra, Jenny and Abbie to explain everything. How does he know all this? When did he learn it? Did he know that he was going to be the father of a Witness? What is going on!?

This is one arc that I am not going to be satisfied with being left open because there are too many questions. Granted, I know it’s probably going to be impossible to find everything out in the span of one episode (curse you, writers, for this horrible timing), but I’m hoping we will know more about the Mills family by the end of it.


There needs to be a holy presence, somewhere

With all of these episodes centered around preventing the apocalypse and fighting demon after demon, there has been remarkably little about the good side of the war. We did see an angel, Orion, who appeared for a hot second during the second season, but after he disappeared (after being proven a zealot and basically evil), we saw virtually no sign of the good side.

This show is about the apocalypse, people! I know religion is a touchy subject, but the entire premise of Sleepy Hollow is based around a religious belief of the end of the world brought to you by the Devil himself. If you want to do an apocalyptic story justice, at least one where demons are involved, you’ll have to show both sides at some point.

So far it’s been incredibly one sided. We just see demon after demon and we don’t see a single good figure, and not even the angel was good! I’d really like the season to end with some good presence being shown to Abbie and Ichabod to prove to them they are not alone in this fight, that there’s a good supernatural being watching over them. If that happens, then it doesn’t matter if the show gets renewed or not because we know these three seasons weren’t in vain and that there is actually a war happening and not just a one-sided battle against evil.

How do you want ‘Sleepy Hollow’ to end?

Let us know what you expect in the season finale, which airs Friday, April 8 at 8:00 p.m.!

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