How I Met Your Mother is bringing back Rachel Bilson, the Mother’s roommate! Are we nearing the big reveal?

SpoilerTV has found a tweet from How I Met Your Mother makeup artist Jennifer Turchi, who reveals that both Rachel Bilson (Cindy) and Ray Wise (Robin’s dad) will be back:


The return of Cindy is probably what showrunner Carter Bays was referring to when he told TV Guide that a blast from Ted’s past will have a, “Big influence on his search for the mother.”

Rachel Bilson of course stars on the CW series Hart of Dixie, but we’re glad she is able to return to How I Met Your Mother for another guest appearance.

Cindy was first introduced in season 5 as a love interest of Ted’s, and at first she seemed very much like she could be the mother due to the fact that she fit a lot of the criteria the show had set up thus far. But as we soon learned, she was actually the roommate of the woman whom Ted will end up marrying. She was also revealed later to be a lesbian, and flash forwards showed her starting a family of her own.

What do you think her return will mean for Ted? Will she be a guest at the wedding, or appear in another context?

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