1:45 pm EDT, September 19, 2014

‘How I Met Your Mother’ pineapple incident, explained (for real this time)

Despite the fact How I Met Your Mother ended last May, there are still some new tidbits being released about the show. This week? The full, real, explanation of the Pineapple Incident.

It troubled many viewers for nearly a decade by now. Ted wakes up one morning, hungover, with no memory of the woman lying in bed next to him, and a whole pineapple standing tall on the nightstand.

During the final season last year, viewers thought we would find out the origins of the pineapple, but the episode ultimately led to a disappointing flashback of Ted evaluating a cork-board of NCIS-level detective work. Over the years, as with all of the other HIMYM mysteries (like, who was the mother?) the show has alluded to how Ted acquired the pineapple, but never specifically addressed the question head-on.

Well now, we finally have a real answer to the question. The DVD set of the How I Met Your Mother series comes out next week, September 23, and BuzzFeed obtained an exclusive deleted scene. It’s a minute long, and still somewhat confusing, but at least now we know…

It was the Captain’s pineapple.

Ted notices the pineapple while leaving the Captain’s house in season 9, and asks why it’s there. Turns out, “it’s an old sea captain’s tradition, you put a pineapple on your porch as a symbol of hospitality. I keep one here and one outside my townhouse in the city.” Flashback to 2005, Ted, stumbling drunk happens upon said pineapple, and the mystery is solved just like that.

Now, does this mean that since season 1, the creators knew where they were going? No – they’re said to have planned only a few seasons in advance, not eight years. But, working with hindsight in mind, they could have just thrown that answer into the story, recreated a season 1 Drunk Ted, and let us sit here and go ‘huh. Okay’ while they killed off the Mother. But even that didn’t have to happen, according to the the alleged alternate ending that was released a few weeks ago.

Does the scene satiate your Marshall-level need to know where the pineapple came from? Watch it on BuzzFeed and then let us know in the comments!

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