6:30 pm EDT, February 4, 2013

‘How I Met Your Mother’ goes Canada crazy in tonight’s episode ‘P.S. I Love You’

Tonight’s How I Met Your Mother is off to Canada in this maple leaf inspired episode, and you’ve guessed it…Robin Sparkles is back!

The episode title is named “P.S. I Love You,” and in this episode, as promised by the promo released by CBS last week, this episode will expose the darker side of Robin Sparkles, as well as quite a few Canadian cameos.

Sparkles, Robin Scherbatsky’s preppy ’80s extreme ultra-ego in the show, is a long-running spoof in How I Met Your Mother, which plays on Robin’s nationality as a Canadian and typical Canadian stereotypes. Combining a mixture of cheesy tunes such as “Let’s Go to the Mall,” “Sandcastles in the Sand,” as well as a lot of ’80s glitter and glam, Sparkles has become a fan favourite in How I Met Your Mother, with numerous cameos throughout the seasons.

Smulders said of Robin Sparkle’s appearance in this episode:

“I feel like this is sort of at the tail end of her [music] career. It’s sort of the moment that Robin says, ‘You know what? I don’t want to be Robin Sparkles anymore.’ She’s sort of breaking away from all that and she does that by becoming this character of Robin Daggers, which has a lot of similarities to Alanis Morissette.”

Smulders, Robin’s real world actress counterpart is also Canadian (Vancouver), and says there is some real-life mockery revolving around her being the only Canadian in the group on set.

“They thought that MuchMusic was something that I made up. And I was like, ‘No. It was a big deal’… The cast is like, ‘Oh wait, that was a thing?’ And I’m like, ‘It was like MTV and I wanted to be a VJ, like, so bad – so badly — when I was a kid.’ But they didn’t believe me.”

Tonight’s episode will also feature the likes of James Van Der Beek, who first appeared in the series as Robin’s first boyfriend, Simon. We’ll also see cameo roles from Jason Priestley, Alan Thicke, Paul Shaffer, Alex Trebek, K.D. Lang, ex-Barenaked Ladies frontman Steven Page, Rush frontman Geddy Lee, and Luc Robitaille an ex-Canadian hockey player.

Canadian jokes aside, this episode is also really important to the development of Barney and Robin’s relationship, with Barney traveling to Canada in the search for all of Robin’s past loves. Whilst there, he stumbles upon the mockumentory, “Underneath the Tunes,” a homage to MTV’s “Behind the Music,” about Robin Sparkles’ wayward behaviour, and of course there’s bound to be a new song. Smulder’s has even suggested that whilst we won’t get the full whack on the show, the entire music video may be released online sometime soon!

Despite it having been alleged that this would be the last time we’d see Sparkles in How I Met Your Mother, showrunners Carter Bays and Craig Thomas have indicated that this might not be the case after all. Although season 9 has just been confirmed, we have our fingers crossed that this won’t be the last Sparkles song in the show. Will you be saddened if this is the last we see of Robin Sparkles? Or, do you think the best is yet to come?

Tune in to CBS tonight at 8/7 c for How I Met Your Mother‘s Canadian themed episode, “P.S. I Love you.”

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